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We would love you to share your resarch, memories and local knowledge with us by adding to the information which we already have on the website. As a registered user you can edit existing entries or create new ones.  

Editing records

Registered users can edit information to people, aircraft, places, units and media pages by adding new information or improve the quality of the information already there.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to click the ‘edit entry’ button in the top right of any record.

Each type of record has a tailored form and the editable fields are grouped under thematic headings. For example, the fields for a Person entry are grouped under the headings of ‘Personal Details’, ‘Service’, ‘Connections’, ‘Biography’ and ‘Media’.

Clicking any of these headings will open up the full list of information that you can edit or add for that record.

When you’re amending records, you’ll find that there are a few fields you can’t edit. In Media entries, when you edit or add information to an image’s caption and save it, you’ll see that the IWM caption remains as it was and a new box has appeared with the revised information above. This is because the IWM caption contains the information on the back of the original scanned print. Often the photographs are labelled with their wartime captions and we now have different or more things to say about them. The original captions will be left alongside the new caption so that other people can see it and make their own deductions

The other locked fields are unit names, aircraft serial numbers and station summaries. This enables us to keep some control over some of site’s fundamental content. There are also a few fields for information from official United States Air Force published sources and English Heritage official records which are only editable by the AAM team.

When you want to save your changes, you will need to fill in the ‘Source message’ box explaining what you’ve done or how you know the information you’ve changed or added. This source message can range from ‘my father told me’ to a reference from a book or a link to an online source. This helps other users work out where the information displayed has come from and makes the website a more credible source for other researchers. Please fill this in as completely as you can. It cannot be retrospectively edited and so first-time accuracy is very important.


Adding a new record

As well as editing existing entries, we would love you to share your knowledge and your – or a relative’s – memories of the Second World War with us by creating brand new entries on the website.

Before you start....Check that the record you want to add doesn't already exist, by searching the website.

One of the best ways to share your knowledge is by creating a ‘person’ record.

This can be done by clicking on the ‘browse’ page or from any of the entry pages on the website by clicking the ‘add entry’ button and then selecting ‘person’.

If you are creating a record for a civilian, for example, for yourself or a relative who was not an enlisted person, then select ‘no’ at the top of the page.

The ‘personal details’ section allows you to add some basic information such as name, nickname(s) and nationality whereas the ‘biography’ section allows you to add much more detailed information such as birthplace and where you lived or were based during the Second World War.

Clicking the ‘add a new event’ button will allow you to add life events to your page.

Clicking the drop-down box under ‘type’ will show you all of the life events which you can add to your page. For each of the life events you have the option of adding dates from and to, as well as a brief description of the event, if you wish to give more details.

Selecting a location for the life event by clicking the ‘select a location’ button will allow you to search for and add any location. Simply type in the location you are looking for, click ‘Jump’ and then select the correct location from the list. You will be shown the location on the map, once you are happy this is correct, click the ‘save’ button.

To add another life event use the ‘add a new event’ button. Every location which you add for a life event will be displayed on a map which will appear on your final page.

The ‘summary biography’ section is the place where we want you to share the memories that you have which relate to the American airmen in Britain during the Second World War and your wartime experiences.

There really is no right or wrong way to go about doing this and all memories and stories which you can share with us are a valuable contribution to the website. Perhaps one of your relatives married an American airman or maybe your home was used by American servicemen in the Second World War? Maybe you’ve heard stories about the Americans in your local pub or have memories of visits to your local airbase? All of these examples and more would be a perfect addition to this section of your page.

If you are recording the memories and experiences of a friend or relative, it would be best to create a ‘person’ page on their behalf, and mention within the source message that you are a relative who is adding information on their behalf

One important aspect of the American Air Museum website is the ability to make connections between records on the site using the ‘Connections’ tab. This section is for you to try and make as many connections between your record and others on the website. You could link your record to the people, places and aircraft you mention within the information that you provide. E.g. a bomber pilot might be linked with his aircraft, his crew, his unit and his base.

This is done simply by clicking one of the ‘associate’ buttons and then searching for the record which you wish to link to yours. Once you have selected the record, click ‘save’ at the bottom of the page.

Finally, one of the most important parts of creating a record is completing the ‘source message’ box at the bottom of the form. The purpose of this box is very simple: tell us how you know what you know.

This is where you can add all of the sources which you may have used when finding information to add to your page. If you are recording your own memories or a relative’s this could be something as simple as ‘self’ or ‘told by my father’. If you have carried out some additional research, then reference the book or add a link to any websites which you used.

This helps other users work out where the information displayed has come from and makes the website a more credible source for other researchers. Please fill this in as completely as you can. It cannot be retrospectively edited and is very important.

Once you have entered the source message, click the ‘save’ button to finish.

Congratulations, your entry has now been added to the website!

Why can't I edit missions?

So we can best represent the experiences of the whole of the US Army Air Forces mission records can only be edited AAM staff, volunteers and 'Super-Users' with a proven track record of quality website edits. This while we work out how best to reflect Air Force, Group and individual experiences of combat operations.

You can still associate people, aircraft and media to missions by editing the connections on a person's page.

If you have some information you would like to see added to a mission on the website then contact us



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