William Lewis Brooks

media-7470.jpeg UPL 7470 Lt. William L. Brooks
Crew #504 - Malcolm O. Dike Crew

466th BG Historian

Object Number - UPL 7470 - Lt. William L. Brooks Navigator Crew #504 - Malcolm O. Dike Crew

St. Dizier, France 24 Mar 1944; Brunswick, Germany 8 April 1944; Hamm, Germany 22 April 1944; Leipheim, Germany 24 April 1944; Paderborn, Germany 26 April 1944; Siracourt, France 27 April 1944; Mimoyecque, France 28 April 1944; Liege, France 1 May 1944; St. Trond, Belgium 9 May 1944; Epinal, France 11 May 1944; Bolhen, Germany 12 May 1944; Brunswick, Germany 19 May 1944; Reims, France 20 May 1944; Melun, France 24 May 1944; Neukirchen, Germany 27 May 1944; Totuow, Germany 29 May 1944; Zwischenahin, Germany 30 May 1944; Berck sur Mer, France 3 June 1944; Noball, France 5 June 1944; Port en Bessin, France 6 June 1944; Chateaudiun, France 10 June 1944; Illiers, France 12 June 1944; Pas de Calais, France 14 June 1944; Guyancourt, France 15 June 1944; Gorenflos, France 19 June 1944; Oisemont, France 20 June 1944; Pas de Calais, France 23 June 1944; Villa Coublay, France 24 June 1944; Saarbrucken, Germany 28 June 1944; Le Culot, Belgium 5 July 1944

DFC/ Air Medal w/ 3 Oak Leaf Cluster


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Units served with

Three little girls hold up a balloon celebrating the 100th mission of the 466th Bomb Group in front of a B-24 Liberator (serial number 42-95592) nicknamed "Black Cat". Handwritten caption on reverse: 'On our 100 Mission party Day- 18 Aug 1944, Attlebridge, 466th- wouldn't it be something if we could identify these girls? How could I do it?'
  • Unit Hierarchy: Group
  • Air Force: Eighth Air Force
  • Type Category: Bombardment


A bomber crew of the 466th Bomb Group with their shark mouth B-24 Liberator (serial number 41-29387) nicknamed "The Snafu Snark". First handwritten caption on reverse: 'Photo taken of the "SNARK" and crew 504 of 785th Squadron of the 466th Bomb Group, Eighth Air Force, on arrival at Attlebridge, England on Feb 25 1944. Top Row (left to right) Malcolm O Dike, Pilot, Claude V Meconis, co-pilot, William L Brooks, Navigator, Harold K Miller, bombardier, Julian R Thomspn, engineer. Bottom row (left to right) J
  • Military/Civilian/Mascot: Military
  • Nationality: American
  • Unit: 466th Bomb Group 785th Bomb Squadron
  • Highest Rank: Captain
  • Role/Job: Pilot


  • Aircraft Type: B-24 Liberator
  • Nicknames: - Snafu Snark - Snark
  • Unit: 466th Bomb Group 785th Bomb Squadron



Aerial photograph of Attlebridge airfield, looking north, the fuel store and a T2 hangar are in the upper centre, 31 January 1946. Photograph taken by No. 90 Squadron, sortie number RAF/3G/TUD/UK/51. English Heritage (RAF Photography).
  • Site type: Airfield
  • Known as: Attlebridge Arsenal, Station 120


Event Location Date Description


Whitesville, Kentucky 10 April 1920 He was the son of Willie Coleman and Amie (BELL) BROOKS. Married Dorothy Jean RHOADS in 1942.


Boulder, CO, USA 25 August 1975


Boulder, CO, USA 28 August 1975 Green Mountain Cemetery Boulder Boulder County Colorado, USA
Whitesville, KY 42378, USA Box 545



From the Dailey Reports for the 466th BG, US Federal Census, Social Security Death Index, Military BRLS fILE and burial records.


466th BG Archives


466th BG Historian


Drawn from the records of the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, Savannah, Georgia / daughter, Vicki Brooks Warning & SECOND AIR DIVISION by Turner Publishing Company, D790.A2S45, 1998, page 218

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