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media-45781.jpeg UPL 45781 Capt. Gene W. Bilderback (Kennett, MO) 367FS/358FG (Photo from Class 43-K Yearbook) Claiborne Stokes collection

Majors Army Airfield, Greenville, TX Class 43-K Unit history…

Object Number - UPL 45781 - Capt. Gene W. Bilderback (Kennett, MO) 367FS/358FG (Photo from Class 43-K Yearbook)

He was my grandfather, and I was his confessor at the age of 18 when he realized his time was short. I refuse to profane the sacred by putting my military and Choctaw family histories on a site hosted by the very empire that segregated us, renamed us, and now has relegated us to exploiting the white man's need to squander stolen wealth (Indigenous casinos). Gandhi-ji was a hero like my grandfather. I am Red Elk of the Choctaw, warrior, medicine man, and rainmaker, and you Pahana get your facts straight before you dare to publish the details of a man as important to stopping racist hegemony (but only temporarily, obviously) as Turing. Remember what y'all did to Him?

Do you people even remember the Bronzebook of England? The Culdean Trust of New Zealand is now the vidyadhara of that tome.

7th Fire Prophecy much? How about Old Mother Shipton's unabridged prose? I didn't know until a few weeks ago that my grandfather was a hero in your museum. It sure would reflect more positively on the firangi if you'd bother to do some research. You've been giving stolen artifacts away from your museums. Either remove Full Air Force Colonel Eugene Walker Bilderback from your annals, or do your darned homework.

Haleal has, once again, spoken.


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Units served with


  • Aircraft Type: P-47 Thunderbolt
  • Unit: 358th Fighter Group 367th Fighter Squadron



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My name on the white man's paper is David Michael Maness. It is incorrect, though, but I bet your Five Eyes computer searches come up with something that actually identifies me. I own two cloud software companies FFS.

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