Robert T Sand

A pipe-smoking member of ground crew of the 55th Fighter Group, wearing an apron for carrying hand tools. Handwritten on slide:"1-32"

Object Number - FRE 5503 - Sgt Bob Sand 38th FS 55th FG from Bellingham, WA , wearing an apron for carrying hand tools was an aircraft propeller specialist and took many photos...

Robert Sand was responsible for the maintenance and repair of fighter aircraft. As a specialist in propeller mechanics, Sand performed a crucial role in ensuring that the engine was running correctly. He felt personally accountable for the safe return of the aircraft he worked on, saying he 'could not rest easy until every ship was off safely, and had returned safely. And when any ship was lost unaccountably, there remained a little nagging question.'

Armed with his camera, Sand made a photographic record of the sights and antics on base. He was also a keen artist, and painted the nose art on several famous fighter aircraft. On his retirement in 1991, he painted one final piece of nose art- on his wife's wheelbarrow.

SSgt 38th FS 55th FG 1942-45.
From Bellingham, WA


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Units served with


A P-38 Lightning (CG-J, serial number 42-67074) nicknamed "The Texas Ranger" of the 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group. Handwritten caption on reverse: '38th FS, 55th FG, 8th Air Force.'
  • Aircraft Type: P-38 Lightning
  • Nicknames: Texas Ranger
  • Unit: 55th Fighter Group 38th Fighter Squadron
  • Aircraft Type: P-38 Lightning
  • Nicknames: Texas Ranger IV
  • Unit: 55th Fighter Group Headquarters Squadron (55th Fighter Group)
The 38th Fighter Squadron's propeller crew working on P-38J, Lightning aircraft (serial number 42-67904) of the 55th Fighter Group. Left to right:T/Sgt Harold Melby, Cpl Merle Stivason, Sgt Robert Sand and S/Sgt Kermit Riem. Handwritten on slide:"N6 1-60"
  • Aircraft Type: P-38 Lightning
  • Nicknames: Sweet Ellouise
  • Unit: 55th Fighter Group 38th Fighter Squadron


  • Site type: Airfield
  • Known as: Bures / RAF Wormingford / RFC Wormingford / USAAF Station 159 / Wormingford Landing Ground


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Portland, Oregon 9 November 1914


5 February 2003


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Drawn from the records of the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, Savannah, Georgia / self

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