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media-13582.jpeg UPL 13582 Major Louis H. Norley.

Object Number - UPL 13582 - Major Louis H. Norley.

Lois Norley was from Conrad, Montana. He was assigned to the 4th Fighter Group, 336th Squadron, on 10 July 1943. it did not take long for him to acquire the nickname "Red Dog", not because his red hair, but for his propensity to lose money playing Red Dog poker. He was very intelligent and a great flyer, but rarely drew attention to his achievements. His total of 16.3 aircraft destroyed is an indication of his flying and gunnery abilities. His desire to fight the Nazis was such that on 3 March 1944, when the first daylight raid by U.S. bombers was to be escorted by the 4th Fighter Group, he opted to go on the raid rather take his scheduled pass to London.
From May 1944 to the middle of August he was on leave In the States, having finished his first tour. On 30 August he was named Commanding Officer of the 335th Fighter Squadron. He still roomed with Fred Glover, who was Squadron Commander of the 336th Squadron. They had many name calling arguments over who shot down what as their friendly rivalry took on an intense character. On 2 November Norley shot down an Me-163 rocket-powered fighter, the first time he had occasion to use the new K-14 gun-sight. He became very positive about this new equipment.
On 25 January 1945 "Red Dog" was assigned to the 334th Fighter Squadron as Commanding Officer. On 31 March he started his third tour with 554 combat hours to his credit. He had been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with 13 Oak Leaf Clusters.
The war was soon over, and he then did a tour in the Korean War, eventually retiring a a Lieutenant Colonel.
He died in Oakland, California, 1 August 1967.

"Red Dog" wrote this in his 8 April 1944 combat report, “...we dove down to about 3,000 feet where the 190 did a very tight climbing turn to port. I dropped 20 degree flaps and easily out turned him. We completed the turn, the 190 rolled and dove steeply toward the deck. I closed from 300 to 50 yards firing a couple of short bursts and the Jerry bailed out just before I pulled out of the dive.”


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Units served with


  • Military/Civilian/Mascot: Military
  • Nationality: American
  • Unit: 334th Fighter Squadron
  • Service Numbers: 17058616
  • Highest Rank: Technical Sergeant
  • Role/Job: Crew Chief
  • Military/Civilian/Mascot: Military
  • Nationality: American
  • Unit: 4th Fighter Group 336th Fighter Squadron Headquarters (Eighth Air Force)
  • Service Numbers: T-190743 / O-2045172 / AO33198
  • Highest Rank: Major
  • Role/Job: Fighter Pilot


  • Aircraft Type: P-47 Thunderbolt
  • Nicknames: Red Dog Mike II
  • Unit: 2nd Air Depot Group 4th Fighter Group 334th Fighter Squadron
  • Aircraft Type: P-51 Mustang
  • Nicknames: Brenda
  • Unit: 355th Fighter Group 357th Fighter Group 496th Fighter Training Group 4th Fighter Group 336th Fighter Squadron 357th Fighter Squadron 362nd Fighter Squadron 555th Fighter Training Squadron
  • Aircraft Type: P-51 Mustang
  • Unit: 4th Fighter Group 336th Fighter Squadron
  • Aircraft Type: P-51 Mustang
  • Unit: 4th Fighter Group 336th Fighter Squadron
  • Aircraft Type: P-51 Mustang
  • Unit: 4th Fighter Group 335th Fighter Squadron



Event Location Date Description


Conrad, Montana 18 June 1919


Retired from service as Lt. Col.

1 April 1963


Oakland, CA, USA 1 August 1967


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