Dickson Hall Spencer


Object Number - UPL 57667 - 2nd Lt. Dickson Hall Spencer. 36th Troop Carrier Squadron. Co-Pilot of C-47 42-92679. Killed on May 12th, 1944 during Operation Eagle when another...

2nd Lt. Dickson Hall Spencer was born on January 24th, 1921 in Racine Wisconsin. He and his older brother Jack(my Grandfather) were both pilots before the war. Jack was a flight instructor, so remained stateside. Dick was sent to England where he joined the 36th Troop Carrier Squadron as a co-pilot on a C-47. He was stationed at Cottesmore. He was killed on the night of May 12th, 1944 when his aircraft, 42-92679, was participating in Operation Eagle. They were rehearsing for the upcoming D-Day invasion and were flying in the second wave of aircraft as they approached March, England. The First wave had executed their turn and were heading out of the area and were flying 500 feet below the second wave. One aircraft in the first wave broke formation and began climbing into the second wave, colliding with 42-92679 at around 4500 feet. Both aircraft exploded and all aboard were killed, including the C.O. of the 316th, who was riding on board as an observer.


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Units served with


  • Aircraft Type: C-47 Skytrain
  • Unit: 316th Troop Carrier Group 36th Troop Carrier Squadron



Date10 Jun 2022 20:18:24

Lt. Dickson Hall Spencer was my Great Uncle.

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