Alfred Eddy Coons


Object Number - UPL 54865 - 2LT Alfred Eddy Coons Pilot 340th BG - 486th BS - 12th AF


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Units served with

  • Unit Hierarchy: Group
  • Air Force: Ninth Air Force Twelfth Air Force
  • Type Category: Bombardment


  • Aircraft Type: B-25 Mitchell
  • Unit: 486th Bomb Group 340th Bomb Squadron



Event Location Date Description


Sacramento, CA 1921-01-18


Santa Ana Army Airfield, CA 1943-03-12


Shot Down/Captured

Localita Ca' di Gial, 39 40032 Camugnano, Italy 1944-06-03 On June 3, 1944, 18 B-25 Aircraft of the 486th Bomber Squadron; 340th Bomber Group; 57th Bomber Wing, took off from the Alesan Airfield in Corsica. Their target was a railroad bridge located at Lagaro Nord, about 45 km south of Bologna. The mission (#164) was part of “Operation Strangle”, the operation focused on cutting off the enemy from getting supplies to the front-line troops. The mission was a success with bombs hitting the target. One B-25, however was hit by anti-aircraft fire near the target and struggled back to base. B-25 (43-27727) piloted by 1st LT Coleman Sellers with a crew of 5 was hit and had an engine aflame. Sellers was able to level the aircraft so the crew could bail out. Reports indicated either 5 or 6 chutes and a plane that crashed about 25 kms southwest of the target and burst into flames. Of the crew, two evaded the enemy and returned to duty; three where captured, and one died in the crash. The crew of 43-27727 included and their status: 1ST Lt. Coleman Sellers, Pilot - Liberated 2nd Lt. Alfred E Coons, Co-Pilot - POW 2nd Lt. Bradford A. Tupper, Bombardier - POW T/Sgt. John F. McDonough, Armorer/ Gunner - Liberated T/Sgt. Ralph H. Koebcke, Radio Op/ Gunner - KIA S/Sgt. Gerald J. Carey, Tail Gunner - POW The local Italian community placed a plaque at the crash site remembering the sacrifice of the crew. The point of impact is still visible today.



Moosberg, Germany 1944-06-15 Stalag 7A (dates are approximate)


Auburn, CA 2001-12-13

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