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The American Air Museum's archive records the stories of the men and women of the US Army Air Forces who served in Britain and Europe during the Second World War.

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  • Date: 31 August 1942
  • Official Description: B-25’s attack aircraft on a landing ground, and B-24’s raid harbor at Tobruk. P-40’s of 66th Ftr Sq, 57th Gp, escort RAF bombers during raid on Maryut. B-25’s, in conjunction with RAF Bostons, attack troop concentrations and military vehicles as...
  • Date: 1 September 1942
  • Official Description: B-24’s attack harbor at Candia, Crete, scoring several direct hits on 1 vessel and hitting 2 others. 2 Squadrons of 57th Fighter Group fly escort missions and sweeps with RAF. B-25’s, in conjunction with RAF Liberators, hit trucks and tanks in battle...
  • Date: 2 September 1942
  • Official Description: B-24’s hit docks and jetties at Tobruk harbor. B-25’s bomb aircraft and landing ground and, with RAF, attack troops and vehicles in battle area around Alam-el-Halfa ridge. P-40’s fly escort and sweep missions over battle area in conjunction with RAF...
  • Date: 3 September 1942
  • Official Description: B-24’s attack convoy at sea. B-25’s hit troop concentrations, vehicles, and airfield installations in battle area of Alam-el-Halfa and behind enemy lines. P-40’s, mostly operating with RAF, escort bombers and engage fighter in combat, claiming at...
  • Date: 4 September 1942
  • Official Description: B-24’s, in conjunction with RAF and Royal Navy, attack convoy at sea. 2 merchant ships are reported sunk and 1 left burning. B-25’s and RAF Bostons, repelling counterattacks during Alam-el-Halfa battle, hit troop concentrations and vehicles, while P...
  • Date: 5 September 1942
  • Official Description: 31 B-17’s bomb the locomotive depot at Rouen-Sotteville M/Y. This is largest force of Eighth AF HBs to attack to date. Almost 1/5 of the HE bombs burst within the M/Y. Because of Gen Spaatz’s convincing protests, Gen Eisenhower changes his mind...
  • Date: 5 September 1942
  • Official Description: B-24’s strike shipping and dock area in Candia Bay. P-40’s escort RAF bmrs over battle area SE of Alam-el-Halfa ridge near Rayil Dayr Ar Depression as enemy offensive falters and is pushed back.
  • Date: 6 September 1942
  • Official Description: 30 B-17’s strike Avions Potez aircraft plant at Meaulte, while a smaller force bombs 2 A/Fs near Saint Omer. 12 DB-7’s attack Abbeville/Drucat A/F. 2 B-17’s are shot down over Meaulte by ftrs, marking VIII BC’s first loss of aircraft in combat.
  • Date: 7 September 1942
  • Official Description: 7 B-17’s of 29 dispatched, ineffectively raid the Wilton shipyards at Rotterdam in bad weather. 2 HBs seek T/Os in vicinity of Utrecht. Heavy ftr opposition is successfully repulsed with bmr crews claiming 12 destroyed.