RAF Bomber Command

12 July 1942

Official Description

6 Bostons flown by US crews attack Abbeville/Drucat A/F.


Bomber Command War Diaries:

12 Bostons bombed an airfield near Abbeville but results were not seen because of cloud. No aircraft were lost.

American crews flew in 6 of the Bostons, their last introductory flight with the Bostons of 2 Group. The Americans, from the 15th (Light) Bomb Squadron, had flown 13 sorties with the RAF's 226 Squadron but had lost 3 crews.

6 A-20 Boston III are borrowed from 226 Squadron RAF and flown by American pilots of the 8th Air Force, 15th Bombardment Squadron to attack the German airfield of Drucat at Abbeville, France.

Mission Details

Abbeville/ Drucat

Description: AIRFIELD

Aircraft Type: A-20 Havoc

Notes: 6 Boston (A-20s), borrowed from RAF 15th Bomb Squadron, with 8th Air Force crews are despatched to attack the airfield at Abbeville, France. All 6 hit the target, but two are damaged. No casualties. The 15th Bomb Squadron stands down after this mission to prepare their own A-20 Bostons which are ex-RAF machines. They will fly their first mission under 8th Air Force control on 5-Sep-42, dispatching 12 aircraft.

A bomber crew of the 301st Bomb Group with their A-20 Havoc after being awarded medals. From left to right, they are Sergeant B.B. Cunningham of Tupelo, Missouri; Sergeant R.L. Golay of Fredonia, Kansas; Second Lieutenant M. Dorton of Long Beach; and Major Charles C. Kegelman. Image stamped on reverse: 'Passed for Publication 11 Jul 1942.' [stamp], 'Not to be published until 12/7/42.' [stamp], 'Keystone Press.' [stamp], 'USA (NIR)CCC.' [written annotation] and '209807.' [Censor no.] Printed caption on rev
  • Unit Hierarchy: Squadron
  • Air Force: Eighth Air Force
  • Type Category: Bombardment

Mission Statistics

  • Aircraft sent: 6
  • Aircraft effective: 6
  • Aircraft damaged: 2


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