FRE 1195


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A bomber crew of the 323rd Bomb Group in full flight gear, beneath the nose of their B-26 Marauder nicknamed "Mr Falla". Image stamped on reverse: 'Central Press Ltd.' [stamp], 'Passed for publication 18 Aug 1943.' [stamp] and '279281.' [Censor no.] Printed caption on reverse: 'America's new super medium bomber in Britain 18.8.43. The U.S super medium bomber, the "MARAUDER" is now operating from Britain after doing fine work in N Africa and Sicily. It has a range of 2,000 miles with a speed of 350 m.p.h and a wing span of 65 ft,and carries one ton of bombs. Driven by two Pratt and Witney "Wasp" engines ,armed with 8 of the famous "Calibre 50" machine guns and carries a crew of 6 who all wear "Flak" armour and steel hats.The picture shows:-9 The crew of the Marauder "MR FALLA" showing their amusing Coat of Arms on the side of their ship. "Mr Falla" is the name of President Roosevelts pet dog. The crew who are all wearing their "Flak" armour are(left to right):- S/Sgt Caroll Schneider of Sweet, Idaho,(Engineer')., S/Sgt William F Vermillion of Elkport, S Dakota, (Radio gunner)., Lt William Kahley, of Story City, Iowa (Pilot)., Lt John Laurie of Atchison, Kansas (Bombardier)., Lt Ralph M Phillips of Kansas City, Missouri (Navigator)., and S/Sgt Paul Laprise of Chariestown, Mass, (Tail Gunner).'


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Private First Class Barbara O'Brien of the Womens Army Corps, paints the nose of a B-26 Marauder (YU-Y. serial number 41-34982) nicknamed "Jolly Roger" of the 323rd Bomb Group. Image stamped on reverse: 'Associated Press.' [stamp], 'Passed for Publcation 4 Dec 1943.' [stamp] and '295589.' [Censor no.] Printed caption on reverse: 'W.A.C.S. on duty at a Bomber Station. Associated Press Photo shows:- Pfc: Barbara O'Brien painting the Jolly Roger on the nose of a Marauder with the crew looking on.'
  • Unit Hierarchy: Group
  • Air Force: Eighth Air Force Ninth Air Force
  • Type Category: Bombardment


Sergeant William Vermillion and Lieutenant Ralph Phillips of the 323rd Bomb Group with their B-26 Marauder Passed as censored 17 Aug 1943. Printed caption on reverse: 'A Bomber that has palyed[sic] a great part in the N. African and Sicilian campaigns and is now being used in large numbers in this country is the U.S. "Marauder". The Marauder has a speed of 350 [censor ammended to read '346'] m.p.h., arange[sic] of 2,000 miles, carries a bomb load of over a ton and is fitted with 8 calibre .50 guns. ... 17
  • Military/Civilian/Mascot: Military
  • Nationality: American
  • Unit: 323rd Bomb Group 455th Bomb Squadron
  • Service Numbers: 37128367
  • Highest Rank: Staff Sergeant
  • Role/Job: Radio Operator


  • Aircraft Type: B-26 Marauder
  • Nicknames: Mr Fala
  • Unit: 323rd Bomb Group 455th Bomb Squadron


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FRE 1195

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