FRE 178


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P-47 Thunderbolts of the 62nd Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Group, lined up on the grass at Horsham St. Faith air base. Passed for publication 10 May 1943. Printed caption attached to print: 'The "Thunderbolt" - newest American fighter plane to reach Britain, Designed for fast speeds at high altitudes, the "Thunderbolts", newest American fighter plane to arrive in this country, has a wingspan of 41 feet, a 2,000 H.P. engine and a speed of over 400 M.P.H. Its ceiling, range and other details are still a secret. In the U.S. where it is in quantity production for the U.S.A.A.F. It is known as the P-47. Associated Press Photo shows: "Thunderbolts" lined up awaiting the take-off at a U.S. fighter station "somewhere in England".


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