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"Members Of The 78Th Fighter Group Inspect A North American P-51 Which Crash Landed At 8Th Air Force Station F-357 Duxford, England. 23 September 1944." - 23 September 1944: This Mustang, carrying only the black ETO nose & tail bands, was on approach to land at Duxford when the engine quit. The accident report lists this aircraft's assignment (P-51D serial 44-14551) as the 310th Ferry Sq, 27th Air Transport Gp. It lists the pilot as 1st Lt J. E. Brasher - a good chance that it was Jerry E. Brasher, formerly of the 82nd Ftr Sq, 78th FG, and that this ship was a new delivery to the Group. NARA Ref 342-FH-3A15537-72408AC.


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From left to right: Captain Walker L. Boone, Flight Officer Manuel S. Martinez and Flight Officer Gerry E. Brasher, pilots of the 82nd Fighter Squadron, 78th Fighter Group, sit on the bonnet of a jeep at Duxford air base. Passed for publication 28 October 1943. Printed caption on reverse: 'Thunderbolts - the "Guardian Angels" of Flying Fortresses. Here are pictures of Thunderbolts P-47s, the famous American fighter planes, which escort Flying Fortresses on their daylight missions over Occupied Europe. Pho
  • Military/Civilian/Mascot: Military
  • Nationality: American
  • Unit: 27th Air Transport Group 310th Ferry Squadron 82nd Fighter Squadron
  • Service Numbers: T-060974
  • Highest Rank: First Lieutenant
  • Role/Job: Fighter pilot


  • Aircraft Type: P-51 Mustang
  • Unit: 27th Air Transport Group Base Air Depot 2 310th Ferry Squadron


Line up of P-47 Thunderbolts of the 82nd Fighter Squadron, 78th Fighter Group, at Duxford air base. September 1944. Printed caption on reverse of print: '55432 AC - War Birds Home To Rest - Republic P-47 Thunderbolts lined up on an 8th Air Force field in England after a daylight sweep over Germany. Crews have finished inspections and refueling.'
  • Site type: Airfield
  • Known as: "Duckpond"


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