This P-51B Mustang was the usual aircraft Raymond Care flew with.
Credited with 5 enemy aircraft destroyed and 1 probable, he attained the Ace status. Raymond Care had enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force before the United States' entry into the war and had served in the Eagle Squadron (Americans in the RAF). He had flown on many missions with that unit before transferring to the USAAF, being assigned to the 334th Squadron of the 4th Fighter Group. Flying on P-47D Serial 41-6392 on 28 July 1943 he shot down one Fw190. He bagged an Me109 on 26 June 1943 flying on P-47D Serial 42-7981, before being involved in a taxiing accident in that same P-47 at Debden on 27 July 1943. On the 16 August 1943 bomber escort mission, he claimed 2 Fw190s destroyed North of Paris. His fifth confirmed kill occurred on the 21 February 1944 bomber escort mission when he shot down another Fw190.
He was shot down on 18 April 1944. In the Missing Air Crew Report - MACR 4061 - his wingman, 1st Lt H. Thomas Biel stated that "At approximately 13:45 hours Captain Care and myself were coming home on the deck N.E. of Celle, Germany, when we came to an airdrome with 20 plus JU-52 aircraft on it. Without altering my course we picked out a JU-52 and started to fire. In the meanwhile the Huns were throwing up intense and accurate medium flak, light flak, and machine gun tracers. I received a few holes in the right wing at the same time Captain Care got hit. He called immediately to say he was climbing up and bailing out. I watched him climb to 3,000 feet with his plane streaming glycol. He called and said, "here I go". I looked for his chute to open but due to rain, and sleet in that vicinity I failed to see him or a parachute opening. I believe that Captain Care bailed out safely."
Raymond Care was rapidly captured near Celle and was made a POW (Prisoner of War).
After his return to the United States, promoted to the rank of Major, Raymond Care stayed in the Air Force, served in Korea and ended his military career as a Colonel.


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Units served with


  • Military/Civilian/Mascot: Military
  • Nationality: American
  • Unit: 334th Fighter Squadron No 71 'Eagle' Squadron
  • Service Numbers: O-885185
  • Highest Rank: Captain
  • Role/Job: Fighter Pilot, Pilot




Event Location Date Description


Failed to Return (FTR)

Celle, Germany 15 April 1944 shot down by Flak NE of Celle, NE of Hannover, Germany


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