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B-17 Flying Fortress

Delivered March Field then to Manila 17-Oct-41; Assigned 19BG Clarke Field, Philippine ; damaged in attack on Davao 25-Dec-41 with Alvin Mueller; returned to Batchelor, Aus. 18-Dec-41 with Alvin Mueller, Co-pilot: Frank Kurtz, Navigator: George Markovich, Bombardier: Bill Weiss, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Shellito, Radio Operator: E. Olson, Ball turret gunner: Jack Anderson, Waist gunner: Frank Harvey, Waist gunner: Henna,Tail gunner: Long; was repaired and used as transport (wing tips were a foot higher than others following damage in a dive); transferred 64TCS/317TCG, crashed Bakers Creek, Mackay, Queensland, Aus. 14-Jun-43 en route New Guinea with troops. Crew: p-Verne Gidcumb, Co-pilot: Bill Erb, Navigator: Jack Ogren, cr/ch-Lovett Curtis, cr/ch-Frank Wheachel, Radio Operator: Dave Tileston; 34 passengers: Maj George Powell, Capt John Berthold, Jerome Abraham, Bill Briggs, Dean Busse, Jim Copeland, Carl Cunningham, George Ehrman, Jim Finney, Leo Fletcher, Alf Frezza, Norman Goetz, Roy Hatlen, John Hilsheimer, Vernon Johnson, Don Kyper, Chas LaRue, Ray Longabaugh, Ken Mann, Marlin Metzger, Chas Montgomery, John Parker, Frank Penska, Anthony Rudnick, Chas Sampson, Arnold Seidel, Jake Skaggs, Frank Smith, Ray Smith, Fred Sweet, Ed Tenny, Dale Van Vossen, Rueben Vaughn & Charlie Williams - 40 Killed in Service plus one survivor – Ken Roberts [Robt Foye?] who died 4-Feb-2004 aged 84. This was Australia’s worst wartime air disaster. PAMELA aka MISS E. M. F. (MISS EVERY MORNING FIX’N )


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Dave Osborne, B-17 Fortress Master Log