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B-24 Liberator

B-24 Liberator 41-28838 was originally assigned to the 486th Bomb Group and nicknamed "Tommy Thumper". The aircraft flew 7 missions with the 486th Bomb Group from 8 May 1944, before being transferred to the 34th Bomb Group and being renamed "Misery Agent."

The aircraft's first mission with the 34th Bomb Group was on 6 June 1944, D-Day. While flying towards Normandy to support the assault on the beachhead the aircraft ran out of fuel at 09:45AM and crashed into trees near Corfe Castle, Dorset. The aircraft exploded on landing and caught fire, killing all on board.

The remains of 6 crew members were recovered from the wreckage along with several unexploded bombs.



  • 34th Bomb Group

    34th Bomb Group

    After forming part of the American defence force, first on America's east coast and then on its west, the Group was assigned to the Eighth Air Force in April 1944 and entered combat in May 1944. The Group helped with the preparation for the Normandy...

  • 486th Bomb Group

    486th Bomb Group

    The 486th Bomb Group flew both B-24s and B-17s, swapping from the former aircraft to the latter in late July 1944 after 49 missions. In total the Group flew 292 missions during the war and remarkably the 834th Bomb Squadron lost no aircraft or...


  • William Curtin

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Engineer | 34th Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA) 6 June 1944

  • Herman Doell

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot | 34th Bomb Group
    Crashed in England, on 6 June 1944. Was taken to the hospital in Ringwood but died on 8 June 44. Purple Heart

  • Vincent Drozdek

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Waist and Nose Gunner (B-24) | 34th Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA) 6 June 1944 ...

  • Lewis Duncan

    Military | Second Lieutenant | 34th Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA) 6 June 1944

  • Robert Gross

    Military | First Lieutenant | Navigator | 34th Bomb Group
    Bob Gross flew 33 missions with the 34th Bomb Group. ...

  • Jerome Helget

    Military | Sergeant | 34th Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA)

  • William Price

    Military | Sergeant | 34th Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA) 6 June 1944 ...

  • Alvin Rainey

    Military | Staff Sergeant | 34th Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA) 6 June 1944

  • Arthur Stancati

    Military | Sergeant | Tail Gunner | 34th Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA) , His plane 'Misery Agen' crashed on 6 June in the shallow waters of Poole Harbour, near Corfe Castle in England. , Sergeant. Stancati was taken to Ringwood hospital and died on 8 June 1944 Library Reference Drawer

  • Robert Swarthout

    Military | Second Lieutenant | 34th Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA) 6 June 1944


  • 394

    6 June 1944
    D-Day. Start of Operation Overlord.


  • Mendlesham

    Military site : airfield
    Built in 1942-1943, Mendlesham's first flying unit was the RAF's No. 310 Squadron - a Czechoslovakian unit. The airfield then became home to the USAAF 34th Bomb Group. This unit flew missions from Mendlesham in B-24s and B-17s.


Event Location Date
Crashed Fitzworth Remstone, Dorset 6 June 1944 – 6 June 1944

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