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B-17 Flying Fortress

Delivered Denver 29/9/43; Gr Island 22/10/43; Assigned 335BS/95BG [BG-U] Horham 11/11/43; with W.P. Kelley force landed Attlebridge afb, Suffolk, 11/12/43; two days later the u/c would not extend and force landed at Honington AFB with H. M. Powers, Co-pilot: F. McLedd, Navigator: V. Fox, Bombardier: H. Levine, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: W. Knipper, Radio Operator: C. Selix, Ball turret gunner: T. Kennedy, Waist gunner: W. O’Keefe, Waist gunner: J. Doherty,Tail gunner: P. Allard (10 Returned to Duty); on mission to Ruhrland 21/6/44 Bombardier: Norris Kent (Killed in Action); 46m, Missing in Action Zeitz 16/8/44 with Bob Williams, Navigator: Ed Kasner, Bombardier: Bill McNabb, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Warren Strahm, Waist gunner: Ralph Burnett (5 Prisoner of War); Co-pilot: Leland Karpe, Radio Operator: Jim Curtis, Ball turret gunner: Omer Mullins, Tail gunner: Don Michael (4 Killed in Action); flak hit causing mid-air collision with #42-97797 (95BG), crashed Rehmsdorf, NE of Zeitz Ger. Missing Air Crew Report 8176. WRINKLED BELLY BABY.



  • 42-97797 'Full House'

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Denver 28/2/44; Kearney 18/3/44; Dow Fd 7/4/44; Assigned 412BS/95BG [QW-H] Horham 8/4/44; transferred 336BS, (ET–H); 49m. ...

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  • 8th Air Force

    8th Air Force

    Eighth Air Force Bomber Command became the Eighth Air Force on February 1944, it oversaw bombardment of strategic targets in Europe until 1945. ...

  • 95th Bomb Group

    95th Bomb Group

    The 95th Bomb Group was the only Eighth Air Force Group to be awarded three Distinguished Unit Citations. The first, shared by all four Bomb Wing Groups, was for the bombing of an aircraft factory under intense enemy fire at Regensburg on 17 August...

  • 334th Bomb Squadron


  • Robert Boudon

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 95th Bomb Group
    Assigned to 334BS, 95BG, 8AF USAAF. Awards: DFC, AM (3OLC), WWII Victory, EAME.

  • Ralph Burnett

    Military | Sergeant | Right Waist Gunner, Waist Gunner | 95th Bomb Group
    Mid-air collision and crashed at Rohmdorf on 8/16/44 in B-17 'Wrinkled Belly Baby' #42-37879, Prisoner of War (POW). POW

  • James Curtis

    Military | Sergeant | Radio Operator | 95th Bomb Group
    Mid-air collision and crashed at Rohmdorf in B-17 'Wrinkled Belly Baby' #42-37879, Killed in Action (KIA).

  • Edward Felski

    Military | First Lieutenant | Co-Pilot | 95th Bomb Group

  • Floyd Hammond

    Military | Staff Sergeant (Technician Third Grade) | Ball Turret Gunner | 95th Bomb Group

  • Lawrence Kaplan

    Military | Staff Sergeant (Technician Third Grade) | Waist Gunner | 95th Bomb Group

  • Leland Karpe

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Co-Pilot | 95th Bomb Group
    2nd Lieutenant Leland E. Karpe was born 12-Jul-23. His next of kin were his wife, Elnora Karpe, his mother, Florence Karpe, and his sister, Margaret Karpe. He was from Bakersfield, California. ...

  • Edward Kasner

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Navigator | 95th Bomb Group
    Mid air Collision and crashed at Rohmdorf in B-17 'Wrinkled Belly Baby' #42-37879, Prisoner of War (POW). POW

  • William Kelley

    Military | Captain | Pilot
    While returning from Flak Island, Captain Kelley, who was leading an attack on enemy shipping and ports, spotted a large convoy. He climbed and immediately called for a homing. Reporting to 'Ops', he dove on the convoy and received a direct hit by flak...

  • Norris Kent

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Bombardier | 95th Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA) in B-17G #42-37879 'Wrinkled Belly Baby'

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  • Attlebridge

    Military site : airfield
    Attlebridge was constructed for RAF use and completed to that standard in 1942. However, with news that it was to be assigned to the American Air Force, the runways were extended and additional hardstandings and outbuildings constructed for the heavy...

  • Honington

    Military site : airfield
    Honington was in use by Eighth Air Force units for a longer period than any other air base in England. The air base, built in the mid 1930s as part of the RAF's expansion programme had seen plenty of action as an RAF base before it was handed over to...


Event Location Date
Crashed Attlebridge, Norwich, Norfolk NR9, UK 11 December 1943

Force landed Attlebridge AFB, Suffolk, 11/12/43. Pilot Lt W P Kelley.

Crashed Honington, Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk IP31, UK 13 December 1943

U/C would not extend and force landed Honington AFB. Pilot Lt H M Powers.

Combat casualty Ruhrland, 45239 Essen, Germany 21 June 1944

On mission to Ruhrland 21/6/44. Bombardier Norris Kent KIA.

Crashed Rehmsdorf, 06729 Elsteraue, Germany 16 August 1944 – 16 August 1944

Missing in Action Zeitz 16/8/44. Cause - flak hit causing mid-air collision with 42-97797 (95BG), crashed Rehmsdorf, NE of Zeitz Germany. (5 x POW, 4 x KIA) Missing Air Crew Report MACR 8176.


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