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B-17 Flying Fortress

The B-17G, 42-31360, Smokey Liz - Snake Eyes, was delivered to Cheyenne 25/10/43; Walla Walla 9/11/43. It was assigned to the 731st Bomb Squadron, the 452nd Bomb Group, at [7D-P] Deopham Green, UK 5/1/44. Missing in Action at Merseburg 28/9/44, with Larry Downey: CoPilot: Chas Gillette, Navigator: Ed O’Neill, Bombardier: Jack Short, Flight Engineer/Top Turret Gunner: Stan Monikitas, Radio Operator: Ray Cremson, Ball Turret Gunner: Bill Vidulich, Waist Gunner: Cliff Haas, Tail Gunner: Bob Scott. 9 RTD Returned to Duty. Aircraft lost, shot down. Flak KO’d # 2 engine. Force landed, Brussels, Belgium, Salvaged 14/11/44. Renamed, Snake Eyes.



  • 43-37542 - Smokey Liz II

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 27/4/44; Kearney 11/5/44; Grenier 24/5/44; Assigned 385BG Gt Ashfield 30/5/44; transferred 730BS/452BG Deopham Green 30/5/44; 729BS; Missing in Action Zwickau 19/3/45 with Bill Caldwell, Marvin Rosen, John Haas, Fernand Carsone, Chas...

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  • 452nd Bomb Group

    452nd Bomb Group

    The 452nd Bomb Group flew B-17 Flying Fortresses from Deopham Green, Norfolk, from January 1944. The air crews hit strategic sites in Germany but also supported the movement of ground forces across Europe after D-Day. On 6 June 1944 itself, the Group...

  • 730th Bomb Squadron


  • Steve Andrychuk

    Military | Technical Sergeant (2nd Grade) | Top turret gunner/ flight engineer | 452nd Bomb Group

  • Lawrence Downey

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 452nd Bomb Group
    T/O Deopham 28 Sept 44 in B-17G 42-31360, target Merseburg/Leuna chemical plant. Hit by flak in left wing and no. 2 engine. Crash landed at Brussels Airfield, BE. All nine crew returned. ...

  • James McLellan

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Bombardier | 452nd Bomb Group


  • 652

    28 September 1944


  • Deopham Green

    Military site : airfield
    Deopham Green was another air base constructed after America's entry into the war to Class A standards for use by the B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bomber. When the 452nd Bomb Group arrived in January 1943 they found a main runway of 2,000 yards, two...

  • Deopham Green Memorial

    Other location


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