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B-24 Liberator

B-24D 42-40938 was shot down over Doudeville, France with the William Loveday crew on the 15 September 1943 mission to the Romilly-sur-Seine Air Depot near Paris. Crashed 1km South of Doudeville, 15km NE of Yvetot, Seine Maritime, France. 4 KIA : Pilot William Loveday, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner Walter A. Meyers, Ball Turret Gunner Raymond L. Darnell, and Radio Operator Haywood L. Glass, Jr. 5 POWs : Co-Pilot Robert W. Keller; Navigator Edward F. Miller; Right Waist Gunner Clarence M. Howze, Left Waist Gunner Thomas Gilbert and Tail Gunner Joseph L. Walther. The evader was Bombardier Earl D. Warren Jr. Missing Air Crew Report - MACR 15215.

"Lt. Earl D. Warren, Jr. returned to base 17 September 1944. He reports that A/C No. 938 was damaged by flak or fighters just at dusky dark while the group was returning. A/C No. 938 had to struggle and was attacked by enemy fighters. The left wing caught fire and the order was given to bail out. Lt. Warren was in the nose with Lt. Edward Miller. After Lt. Miller jumped and just as Lt. Warren was preparing to jump a large shell or rocket came into the A/C from underneath, striking just back of the nose wheel and probably passed on up through the cockpit. Lt. Warren remembers wondering if the shell got anyone in the cockpit area or on the flight deck. That is the last memory until he awakened on the ground. He does not remember leaving the A/C or pulling his rip cord or landing. He landed in the vicinity of Fauville-en-Caux and the French told him the plane had crashed nearby. He was not able to ascertain how many, if any, bodies were in the plane when it crashed. Lt. Warren evaded capture for a year and was released when the Allies occupied the territory in which he was hiding." (3 October 1944 - Brutus K. Hamilton, Captain, Air Corps, Intelligence Officer)



  • 93rd Bomb Group

    93rd Bomb Group

    The 93rd Bombardment Group (Heavy) was activated 1 Mar 42 at Barksdale Field, Louisiana. On 15 May 42. the Group moved to Ft. Myers, Florida, to continue advanced flight training and also to fly antisubmarine patrols over the Gulf of Mexico. They...

  • 330th Bomb Squadron


  • Raymond Darnell

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Gunner | 93rd Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA) 15 September 1943 as B-24 #42-40938 was shot down over France. PH

  • Thomas Gilbert

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Waist Gunner | 93rd Bomb Group
    Took part in Operation Tidal Wave, the raid on Ploesti on 1 August 1943, flying B-24 Liberator #41-23810.

  • Haywood Glass

    Military | Technical Sergeant | Radio Operator of B-24 | 93rd Bomb Group
    Killed in Action as a result of aircraft B-24 Serial 42-40938 being shot down over France, September 15, 1943.

  • Clarence Howze

    Military | 93rd Bomb Group

  • Robert Keller

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Co-Pilot of B-24D #42-40938 | 93rd Bomb Group

  • William Loveday

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot of B-24D | 93rd Bomb Group
    Shot down 15 September 1943 in B-17 #4240938 in France. Status 'Killed in Action', 1943

  • Walter Meyers

    Military | Technical Sergeant | Gunner B-24 | 93rd Bomb Group
    Killed in Action after aircraft was shot down over France, 1943.

  • Edward Miller

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Navigator | 93rd Bomb Group
    Born October 1920. Raised in Rochester, New York, USA. Enlisting in September 1942, Second Lieut. Miller was captured by enemy forces near Gouzon (Gonzeville ?), France, September 15, 1943, following the crash of aircraft 42-40938. Served as POW...

  • Joseph Walther

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Gunner | 93rd Bomb Group

  • Earl Warren

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Bombardier | 93rd Bomb Group
    From the Missing Air Crew Report - MACR 15215 (3 October 1944 - Brutus K. Hamilton, Captain, Air Corps, Intelligence Officer) detailing the events of the 42-40938 crash: "Lt. Earl D. Warren, Jr. returned to base 17 September 1944. He reports that A/C...


  • VIII Bomber Command 95

    15 September 1943
    This mission is composed of three elements. The first element is a formation of 93 B-17s from: (1BG (19); 305BG (18); 306BG (18); 351BG (19); and 381BG (19) despatched to bomb the German air deport at Romilly-sur-Seine, France. 87 aircraft are...


  • Hardwick

    Military site : airfield
    Planned as an RAF bomber airfield, Hardwick was used first by the 310th Bomb Group, equipped with B-25 Mitchells. B-24 Liberators of the 93rd Bomb Group moved in briefly in March 1943, then returned in June 1943 remaining until the end of the war and...


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Raymond L. Glass, Jr. was misspelled. Actually was Haywood L. Glass, Jr. He was KIA, not POW.

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Great nephew of Edward Miller, completing genealogical research with supporting documentation of entered information. User BrianWright

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MACR 15215 (connections with other crew members)

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According to Wallace Forman's "B-24 Nose Art Name Directory", the "NANA" in the 389th BG / 566BS was Serial 42-94973 !
42-40398 was "D-Cup"... and shot down over France on 15 September with the Loveday crew.
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MACR 15215

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Mark McClellan (son of navigator John L McClellan)