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B-17 Flying Fortress

B17B 39-216 was delivered March 28-Sep-39; It was assigned to the Cold Weather Test group at Ladd Fd 4-Oct-40. (Serial number 38-216) crashed into a mountain near Havelock, Nevada on 6 Feb 41, killing the entire crew. The plane was on a mission from Ladd to Wright-Patterson Field , Ohio, by way of Sacramento Air Depot. The pilot was Capt. R. S. Freeman. Freeman Road in Fairbanks was named for him.

Explanation of Corrections:
1. The name "Old Seventy" was applied to 38-215, the only surviving B-17 in Alaska following the loss of 38-216.
2. 38-215 crashed into mountain in fog returning from a Kiska weather reconnaissance mission 18-Jul-42.
3. Major Marks did fly 38-215 on early June 1942 missions but was shot down flying a B-17E.Missing Air Crew Report 15929. MACR states, "Major Jack S. Marks and crew in a B-17, aircraft, were last seen on July 17, 1942, in a diving position and on fire, near Rat Island which is 30 miles from enemy occupied Kiska. The plan was seen to explode in the air at an altitude of 2,000 feet, with an enemy fighter planes following it. In accordance with the evidence presented it must be assumed that the entire crew was lost."

Another report states that Jack Marks, Flying Fortress 41-9146 on 16 July 1942, was killed over Kiska with Harold E. Mitts, John B. Giddens, John E. Cane, Edward P. Dwelis, Hubert D.Smith, Robert G. Brown, Theodore Alleckson and Consetto Castagna.

P Maj Jack S Morris, O-022808 (KIA); CP 2Lt John R. Giddens, O-430985 (KIA)
N 1Lt harold R. Mitts, O-421902 (KIA); B SSgt John F. Cane, 6549415 (KIA)
E Cpl Edward P. Dwelis, 16034160 (KIA); RO Cpl Hubert D. Smith, 16026820 (KIA)
G Pvt Concetto Castagna, Jr., 12026493 (KIA); G Pvt Robert G. Brown 31629228 (KIA)
G Pvt Theodore A. Alleckson, 37161263 (KIA); Pho Sgt Bill V. Diehl, 6936161 (KIA)


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The use of orange rescue marking were used much after this period.

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