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B-24 Liberator

Originally assigned to 493rd Bomb Group. Transferred to the 34th Bomb Group in early June 1944 and completed missoins from 12 June 1944 to 24 August 1944. Later transferred to the 466th Bomb Group, and eventually flown back to the US by Carl W Falk and his crew in June 1945. Later salvaged at Altus Oklahoma



  • 34th Bomb Group

    34th Bomb Group

    After forming part of the American defence force, first on America's east coast and then on its west, the Group was assigned to the Eighth Air Force in April 1944 and entered combat in May 1944. The Group helped with the preparation for the Normandy...

  • 466th Bomb Group

    466th Bomb Group

    The 466th Bomb Group flew B-24 Liberators from Attlebridge, Norfolk, during the last year of the war in Europe. The Group flew 232 missions in the course of the year and celebrated the 100th one by inviting local people onto the base to mark the...

  • 493rd Bomb Group

    493rd Bomb Group

    The 493rd Bomb Group was the last Eighth Air Force Group to become operational, flying their first combat mission from Debach, Suffolk, on D-Day, 6 June 1944. The Group was known as "the Fighting 493rd", named by their Commanding Officer Colonel Elbert...

  • 785th Bomb Squadron
  • 7th Bomb Squadron
  • 862nd Bomb Squadron


  • Thomas Allison

    Military | Staff Sergeant (3rd Grade) | Waist Gunner | 466th Bomb Group

  • Billie Arnold

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Navigator | 466th Bomb Group

  • Robert Bluford

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot | 466th Bomb Group
    The Rev. Robert Bluford Jr. has been a B-24 bomber pilot in World War II, preacher, historian, preservationist, a Presbyterian pastor and campus ministry director in the Southeast, and the Virginia Press Association’s Virginian of the Year for 2011. He...

  • Charles Conner

    Military | Staff Sergeant (3rd Grade) | Waist Gunner | 466th Bomb Group

  • Carl Falk

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 466th Bomb Group
    One of the last crews assigned to the 785th BG to see combat. Completed four combat missions before hostilities ended.

  • William Flesher

    Military | First Lieutenant | Co-Pilot | 466th Bomb Group
    Flew missions over Bielefeld Bridge,Regensburg and Osnabruck

  • James Heffernan

    Military | Corporal | Radio Operator | 466th Bomb Group
    Heffernan was part of Carl Falk's crew, who were the last crew to be assigned to the 466th Bomb Group who saw combat. ...

  • Thomas Levens

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Navigator | 466th Bomb Group
    Retired from the USAF with the rank of Lt. Colonel

  • James Lorenz

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 466th Bomb Group
    35 missions, last five as instructor pilot. Resigned from Reserves as Captain, September 1957. 243 combat flying hours. AM/ w 4 Oak Leaf Cluster/ EAME w/ 5 Battle Stars/ DUC

  • Robert Lynch

    Military | First Lieutenant | Navigator | 466th Bomb Group

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  • Attlebridge

    Military site : airfield
    Attlebridge was constructed for RAF use and completed to that standard in 1942. However, with news that it was to be assigned to the American Air Force, the runways were extended and additional hardstandings and outbuildings constructed for the heavy...

  • Mendlesham

    Military site : airfield
    Built in 1942-1943, Mendlesham's first flying unit was the RAF's No. 310 Squadron - a Czechoslovakian unit. The airfield then became home to the USAAF 34th Bomb Group. This unit flew missions from Mendlesham in B-24s and B-17s.


Event Location Date
Combat Mission Essen, Germany 21 March 1945

Bill Proppe Crew - Crew #588
Military Airfield

Returned to USA June 1945


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Valor to Victory

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