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B-17 Flying Fortress

Delivered Cheyenne 30/11/44; Hunter 20/12/44; Grenier 6/1/45; Assigned 350BS/100BG [LN-J] Thorpe Abbotts 8/1/45; transferred as PFF 336BS/95BG [ET-F] Horham 23/1/45; 13m, Returned to the USA Morrison 20/10/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Walnut Ridge 28/10/45. FIREBALL RED aka JOLTIN’ JOSE.



  • 100th Bomb Group

    100th Bomb Group

    "The Bloody Hundredth", so-called because of a reputation for losing a high number aircraft and crews, flew B-17s from Thorpe Abbotts, Norfolk. Their losses were not the highest of any Eighth Air Force Group but on several occasions the Group lost many...

  • 95th Bomb Group

    95th Bomb Group

    The 95th Bomb Group was the only Eighth Air Force Group to be awarded three Distinguished Unit Citations. The first, shared by all four Bomb Wing Groups, was for the bombing of an aircraft factory under intense enemy fire at Regensburg on 17 August...

  • 336th Bomb Squadron
  • 350th Bomb Squadron


  • Billy Ferguson

    Military | Technical Sergeant (2nd Grade) | Flight Engineer | 95th Bomb Group

  • Donald Flygstad

    Military | First Lieutenant | Navigator | 95th Bomb Group

  • Gene Grime

    Military | Technical Sergeant (2nd Grade) | Radio Operator | 95th Bomb Group

  • Benjamin Hathaway

    Military | First Lieutenant | Bombardier | 95th Bomb Group

  • Millard McGowan

    Military | Staff Sergeant (Technician Third Grade) | Tail Gunner/Waist Gunner | 95th Bomb Group

  • Fred Miller

    Military | Staff Sergeant (Technician Third Grade) | Waist Gunner | 95th Bomb Group

  • Robert Parker

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 95th Bomb Group

  • Donald Pearson

    Military | Pilot | 95th Bomb Group

  • David Taylor

    Military | Colonel | Pilot | 95th Bomb Group
    Flew 27 missions, many of them (17) as lead pilot. Also flew in Korea where he flew 83 missions in a C-46, B-26 and C-47 aircraft. Also flew in Vietnam where he flew 32 combat missions. Retired with rank of Colonel ...

  • Halcott Thomas

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 95th Bomb Group

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  • 869

    7 March 1945

  • 883

    12 March 1945
    Heavies Hit Near Rhine, Along Baltic ...

  • 886

    14 March 1945
    "1,250 Heavies Strike Tanks, Gun Factories Near Hanover" ...

  • 898

    20 March 1945
    Narrative - Official Air Force Mission Description ...

  • 8th Air Force 926

    4 April 1945

  • 8th Air Force 932

    8 April 1945

  • 8th Air Force 951

    15 April 1945


  • Horham

    Military site : airfield
    Horham airfield was planned and built for RAF use, but handed over to the Eighth Air Force and used initially by the 47th Bomb Group. When they joined the Twelfth Air Force in January 1943, it became home to the B-26 Marauders of the 323rd Bomb Group....

  • Thorpe Abbotts

    Military site : airfield
    Home of the 'Bloody Hundredth’, a Bomb Group with a reputation for high casualty rates, Thorpe Abbotts was under USAAF control from June 1943 to the end of the war. Some of the airfield survives today, and the control tower houses the 100th Bomb Group...


Event Location Date
Delivered Cheyenne, WY 30 November 1944
Assigned Thorpe Abbotts Airfield, UK 8 January 1945


Assigned Horham Airfield, UK 23 January 1945



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