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P-51 Mustang

With Pilot Captain Robert L. Priser at the controls, P-51 Mustang # 43-12180 of the 354th Fighter Group / 353rd Fighter Squadron was shot down by Fw190s during the escort mission of bombers due to raid aviation industry plants and marshalling yards in Frankfurt, Germany on 24 January 1944 (the mission was aborted due to very bad weather conditions over the Continent.) The Mustang crashed near Horrues, Belgium. Missing Air Crew Report - MACR 2046.
Captain Priser's evasion story at



  • 354th Fighter Group

    354th Fighter Group

    The Group moved to England in the autumn of 1943 and was assigned to the Ninth Air Force in December 1943. The Group were the first to fly P-51 Mustangs operationally and in their bomber escort missions pushed to find the long-range limits of the...

  • 353rd Fighter Squadron


  • Robert Priser

    Military | Captain | Fighter Pilot | 354th Fighter Group
    Robert Priser joined the Royal Canadian Air Force before the entry of the United States into the war. After training at Glendale, California, he arrived in England in January 1942 where he followed additional training on Spitfires. Assigned to RAF N°71...


  • VIII Fighter Command FO 222 BOMBER ESCORT

    24 January 1944
    A combined force of 638 fighter aircraft of three different types :P-38s, P-47s and P-51s are despatched to provide escort the heavy bombers attacking the Zukufnt power station at Eschweiler, Germany. A new escort tactic - area patrol - is attempted...


  • Boxted

    Military site : airfield
    Boxted was built for heavy bombers and became operational from May 1943. In the few months B-26 Marauders of the 386th Bomb Group were stationed there, there were two night attacks by the Luftwaffe. On 17 August 1943, one man was killed when bombs...


Event Location Date
Failed to Return (FTR) Crashed to the West of Horrues, North of Soignies, Hainaut Province, Belgium 24 January 1944

Shot down by a FW190 from 4./JG1 on 24 January 1944 on an escort mission for bombers due to bomb Frankfurt. Crashed to the West of Horrues, North of Soignies, Hainaut Province, Belgium


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MACR 2046
Escape & Evasion Report E&E 1588 of Pilot Priser

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MACR 2046 / Paul Andrews, Project Bits and Pieces, 8th Air Force Roll of Honor database