About the website redevelopment

The American Air Museum archive is temporarily closing for reconstruction, we will be back in October 2022

To allow the American Air Museum team time to process the database, we will be stopping crowdsourced contributions from 20 June 2022, unfortunately this means that from that date you will not be able to search, add or edit information in the American Air Museum archive.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience during this upgrade. You can find out more about what we're planning below. We're very excited to be able to welcome you back to our new, improved website soon. 


The American Air Museum archive will be unavailable from 20 June 2022

The American Air Museum website was launched in 2014, we need to address its design, structure, and function to ensure it remains a useful and relevant resource for our users.

To do this, we need to undertake some major technical and security updates, which cannot be conducted while the archive is live.

Our archive also contains a huge amount of data, we want to ensure that this is fully preserved in the process of the upgrade. We are pausing contributions to make this process more manageable.


Searching the American Air Museum archive 

While the archive is offline for  redevelopment from June to October 2022,  we will be disabling our search. 


Contributing information or images to the American Air Museum archive

We cannot accept any changes or additions to records in the archive while work on the upgrade.

We also cannot commit to changing or adding content on your behalf if it is sent to us while the archive is offline.

Please be sure to come back and share your contributions with us from October 2022.


The new American Air Museum website 

The new version of the American Air Museum website will launch in October 2022.

Our archive will remain a key feature on the new website, registered users will still be able to contribute information to it when it launches.

We’ll also be creating new spaces for key information about the American Air Museum, like how plan a visit or make a donation, while also sharing engaging stories directly from our collection.


Archive contributions made to date

Contributions to the archive made up until 20 June 2022 will be preserved in the process of the upgrade.

When you registered as a contributor, you were asked to agree to a set of terms and conditions which allow us to make contributions available on other websites owned or operated by IWM. This means that IWM has the right to change the format of this information and use it as part of the American Air Museum archive, the content remains your property. We will still credit you as the contributor, as well as display the source attribution.


Searching the Roger Freeman collection

You can find the Roger Freeman collection on IWM collections online


Contacting other contributors

We are unable to facilitate communication between contributors to the American Air Museum archive.