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Young, Jr.
I am John S. Young, Jr. - I am an aircraft mechanic for a west coast United States airline for nearly thirty years. - Capt. John S. Young from Dallas Texas was a WWII B-24D bomber command pilot with the 9th Air Force, the 98th Bomb Group, the Pyramiders. He flew with the 244th Bomb Squadron based at Cairo, Egypt and Benghazi, Libya in 1942-3. His personal plane was the 'Kickapoo'. He flew many missions from 1942 to '43 against axis shipping in the Mediterranean and against enemy ports and port facilities in Italy, Crete, Greece, and Sicily. He was hand picked by Col. John R. Kane to fly as his copilot on the 'Hail Columbia', along with Lt. Norman Whalen, my father's navigator, and Lt. Harry Korger, his bombardier, and the rest of the Kickapoo's original crew, minus my father's copilot. The 'Kickapoo' crashed in flames shortly after takeoff for the Ploesti mission killing all but two of the replacement crew members, including the pilot, Lt. Robert Nespor. Col. Kane, Capt. Young and everyone on the 'Hail Columbia' survived the Ploesti mission, crash landing at the British air base at Nicosia, Cyprus just ahead of Lt. Robert Sternfels in the "Sandman", who landed safely and gave Col. Kane and my father a ride back to Benghazi. My father, Col. John Kane, Norm Whalen, and Harold Korger, and Robert Sternfels all survived the war. JSY, Jr.
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