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Walter Mordenti was originally assigned to a secret anti-submarine division of the Air Force in England. He and eleven other service men assembled sound-guided torpedoes in a secret air base. When the Navy took over the torpedo program in 1943, Walt was reassigned to the 525th Bomb Squadron in Kimbolton. Walt prepared parachutes and provided them to bomber crew members at the base. Walt and another service man helped the artist paint the Mairzy Doats emblem on their B-17. Also, Walter volunteered as a test co-pilot of B-17's after maintenance repaired them. He spent 2 years in the 525th at Kimbolton. On the way home after the war, Walt was deplaned in the Azores and flown to Casablanca, where he was put in charge of the motor pool and taught truck mechanics to the local citizens (all Dodge trucks). He managed the motor pool for 3 months before returning home and marrying his sweetheart, Margaret Jenney. Walt recalls that his friend Joe Schaffer was reassigned from the torpedo program to the 525th with him.
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