We found 18 units

  1. 1073rd Quartermaster Company

  2. 1598th Ordnance Supply & Maintenance Company

  3. 2118th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon

  4. 374th Fighter Squadron

  5. 375th Fighter Squadron

  6. 376th Fighter Squadron

  7. 468th Service Squadron

  8. 66th Station Complement Squadron

  9. Detachment A (1184th Military Police Company)

  10. Detachment A (50th Service Group, Headquarters & Headquarters Squadron)

  11. Headquarters (361st Fighter Group)

  12. Weather Detachment 374

  13. 50th Service Group

  14. Headquarters & Headquarters Squadron (50th Service Group)

  15. 1097th Signal Company

  16. 361st Fighter Group

    361st Fighter Group

    The 361st Fighter Group was the last P-47 Thunderbolt Group to join the Eighth Air Force. Between 21 January 1944 and 20 April 1945, the Group flew 441 missions, the majority in an escort role in support of bombers flying over occupied Europe. The...

  17. 1184th Military Police Company

  18. 18th Weather Squadron

    18th Weather Squadron

    Browse 18th Weather Squadron photographs and other documents in the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library digital archive here: www.2ndair.org.uk/digitalarchive/Dashboard/Index/60