We found 4131 units

  1. No. 1 British Flying Training School

  2. No. 427 Squadron RCAF

  3. No. 431 Squadron RCAF

  4. OSS



  5. Ordnance Depot O-614

  6. Ordnance Depot O-615

  7. Provisional Training Center

    Provisional Training Center

    Established at Hethel in March 1943 to provide ground schooling on aerial gunnery. The first course completed in April 1943 was attended by 83 men, many of whom had performed ground duties with the 2nd Bomb Wing and had volunteered to transfer to air...

  8. Quartermaster Depot Q-101

  9. Quartermaster Depot Q-104

  10. Quartermaster Depot Q-105

  11. Quartermaster Depot Q-107

  12. Quartermaster Depot Q-108

  13. Quartermaster Section (General Depot G-23)

  14. Radio Counter Measures Squadron

    Radio Counter Measures Squadron

    The Radio Counter Measures detachment, formed in January 1944, used Carpet and Mandrel jamming apparatus to hinder German radio communication and use of radar to detect aircraft. The personnel were initially drawn from regular squadrons and received...

  15. Reconnaissance Group (Provisional)

  16. Royal Air Force

    Royal Air Force

    Formed on 1 April 1918, The Royal Air Force (RAF) is the UK's aerial warfare force. The RAF has undertaken support, combat and reconnaissance roles in conflict since 1918, and continues to do so today.

  17. SMW



  18. Scouting Force (Experimental) (SFX)

    Scouting Force (Experimental) (SFX)

    Formed by Col. Peaslee following presentation of his theory to Gen. Doolittle. The purpose of the Scouting Force concept was for experienced, tour expired lead bomber pilots, escorted by volunteer fighter pilots, to fly ahead of bomber formations to...

  19. Section Detachment (Army Air Force Station 594)

  20. Signal Depot S-800

  21. Southern Base Section

  22. Special Army Observers Group

    Special Army Observers Group

    Major General James E Chaney, an Army Air Corps officer, arrived in the United Kingdom on 18 May 1941 and established , Headquarters, Special Observer Group (SPOBS) on the following day in London....

  23. Squadron A (19th Replacement Control Depot)

  24. Squadron A (20th Replacement Control Depot)

  25. Squadron B  (19th Replacement Control Depot)

  26. Squadron B (20th Replacement Control Depot)

  27. Squadron C (19th Replacement Control Depot)

  28. Squadron C (20th Replacement Control Depot)

  29. Squadron D (19th Replacement Control Depot)

  30. Squadron E (19th Replacement Control Depot)

  31. Squadron F (17th Replacement Control Depot)

  32. Squadron F (19th Replacement Control Depot)

  33. Squadron G (19th Replacement Control Depot)

  34. Squadron O (17th Replacement Control Depot)

  35. Squadron R (17th Replacement Control Depot)

  36. Supply Section (Base Air Depot 2)

  37. Supply Section (Base Air Depot Number 1)

  38. Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces

  39. The Army Band

  40. The Writing 69th

    The Writing 69th

    In February 1943 the Eighth Air Force sponsored a group of eight civilian and military journalists to undergo training to fly missions aboard bombers for promotional purposes. A week long training session took place at Bovingdon, where the journalists...

  41. Third US Army

    Third US Army


  42. Transportation Corps Depot TC_201

  43. US Army Middle East Air Force

    US Army Middle East Air Force

    US Army Middle East Air Force (USAMEAF) was activated on 28 June 1942 in Cairo, Egypt. It brought together several units which had been operating the area including the HALPRO Detachment, and Lewis Brereton's 9th Bomb Squadron. ...

  44. US Strategic Air Forces

    US Strategic Air Forces

    Eighth Air Force Headquarters became USSTAF in February 1944 and oversaw all Strategic Air Force activities in the European, African and Middle Eastern Theatre of Operations, particularly the operations of the Eighth and Fifteenth Air Forces.

  45. US Strategic Air Forces Service Command

  46. Unassigned



  47. United States Army Forces in the British Isles

    United States Army Forces in the British Isles

    General James E Chaney had been posted to the UK to act as a Special Observer during the Battle of Britain and the Blitz, he also oversaw preparations for the possible establishment and employment of US Ground and Air Forces in the UK in 1941. ...

  48. VIII Air Force Composite Command

  49. VIII Air Force Service Command

  50. VIII Air Support Command