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  1. Headquarters (94th Bomb Group)

  2. Headquarters (94th Combat Bomb Wing)

  3. Headquarters (95th Bomb Group)

  4. Headquarters (95th Combat Bomb Wing)

  5. Headquarters (96th Bomb Group)

  6. Headquarters (96th Combat Bomb Wing)

  7. Headquarters (97th Combat Bomb Wing)

  8. Headquarters (987th Field Artillery Battalion)

  9. Headquarters (99th Combat Bomb Wing)

  10. Headquarters (9th Base Air Depot Area)

  11. Headquarters (American Component Allied Expeditionary Air Forces)

  12. Headquarters (Base Air Depot 1)

  13. Headquarters (Base Air Depot Area US Strategic Air Forces)

  14. Headquarters (Base Air Depot Area, US Strategic Air Forces)

    Headquarters (Base Air Depot Area, US Strategic Air Forces)

    BADA was responsible for the three Base Air Depots; #1 Burtonwood, #2 Warton & #3 Langford Lodge plus various sub units across the UK. Essentially had responsibility for th e provision,maintenance and modification and ultimately salvage or return to...

  15. Headquarters (IX Air Force Troop Carrier Command)

  16. Headquarters (IX Engineer Command)

  17. Headquarters (IX Fighter Command)

  18. Headquarters (IX Tactical Air Command)

  19. Headquarters (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force)

  20. Headquarters (VIII Air Force Composite Command)

  21. Headquarters (VIII Air Force Service Command)

  22. Headquarters (VIII Bomber Command)

  23. Headquarters (VIII Fighter Command)

  24. Headquarters (VIII Reconnaissance Wing)

  25. Headquarters (Western Base Section)

  26. Headquarters (Women's Army Corps)

  27. Headquarters Army Air Forces

  28. Headquarters Company (15th Armored Infantry Battalion)

  29. Headquarters Company (877th Airborne Engineer Aviation Battalion)

  30. Headquarters Company (926th Signal Battalion)

  31. Headquarters Company (937th Engineer Aviation Camouflage Battalion)

  32. Headquarters Detachment (1st Veterinary Detachment)

  33. Headquarters Detachment (VIII Fighter Command)

  34. Headquarters Plot Company (564th Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion)

  35. Headquarters Squadron

  36. Headquarters Squadron (20th Fighter Group)

  37. Headquarters Squadron (25th Bomb Group)

  38. Headquarters Squadron (2906th Observation Training Group)

  39. Headquarters Squadron (2nd Air Division)

  40. Headquarters Squadron (2nd Bomb Group)

  41. Headquarters Squadron (301st Bomb Group)

  42. Headquarters Squadron (303rd Bomb Group)

  43. Headquarters Squadron (305th Bomb Group)

  44. Headquarters Squadron (306th Bomb Group)

  45. Headquarters Squadron (315th Troop Carrier Group)

  46. Headquarters Squadron (322nd Bomb Group)

  47. Headquarters Squadron (339th Fighter Group)

  48. Headquarters Squadron (351st Bomb Group)

  49. Headquarters Squadron (355th Fighter Group)

  50. Headquarters Squadron (356th Fighter Group)