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  1. Headquarters (458th Bomb Group)

  2. Headquarters (45th Combat Bomb Wing)

  3. Headquarters (461st Signal Construction Battalion)

  4. Headquarters (466th Bomb Group)

  5. Headquarters (467th Bomb Group)

  6. Headquarters (46th Armored Medical Battalion)

  7. Headquarters (474th Fighter Group)

  8. Headquarters (479th Fighter Group)

  9. Headquarters (481st Anti-Aircraft Artillery AW Battalion)

  10. Headquarters (482nd Bomb Group)

  11. Headquarters (486th Bomb Group)

  12. Headquarters (487th Bomb Group)

  13. Headquarters (489th Bomb Group)

  14. Headquarters (48th Fighter Group)

  15. Headquarters (490th Bomb Group)

  16. Headquarters (491st Bomb Group)

  17. Headquarters (492nd Bomb Group)

  18. Headquarters (493rd Bomb Group)

  19. Headquarters (495th Fighter Training Group)

  20. Headquarters (496th Fighter Training Group)

  21. Headquarters (4th Armored Division)

  22. Headquarters (4th Combat Bomb Wing)

  23. Headquarters (4th Fighter Group)

    Headquarters (4th Fighter Group)

    The Headquarters Squadron was made up of true leaders. Most had flown Hurricanes, Spitfires, Thunderbolts and Mustangs....

  24. Headquarters (4th Infantry Division)

  25. Headquarters (4th Medical Battalion)

  26. Headquarters (4th Tank Destroyer Group)

  27. Headquarters (52nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Brigade)

  28. Headquarters (550th Anti-Aircraft Artillery AW Battalion)

  29. Headquarters (55th Fighter Group)

  30. Headquarters (561st Quartermaster Battalion)

  31. Headquarters (56th Fighter Group)

  32. Headquarters (5th Army Air Corps Wing)

  33. Headquarters (61st Troop Carrier Group)

  34. Headquarters (64th Army Air Corps Group)

  35. Headquarters (65th Air-Sea Rescue)

  36. Headquarters (65th Army Air Corps Group)

  37. Headquarters (65th Fighter Wing)

  38. Headquarters (65th General Hospital)

  39. Headquarters (66th Fighter Wing)

  40. Headquarters (67th Fighter Wing)

  41. Headquarters (67th Tactical Reconnaissance Group)

  42. Headquarters (692nd Quartermaster Battalion)

  43. Headquarters (6th Fighter Wing)

  44. Headquarters (704th Tank Destroyer Battalion (Self-Propelled))

  45. Headquarters (705th Tank Destroyer Battalion (Self-Propelled))

  46. Headquarters (777th Anti-Aircraft Artillery AW Battalion)

  47. Headquarters (7th Photographic Reconnaissance Group)

  48. Headquarters (816th Engineer Aviation Battalion)

  49. Headquarters (818th Engineer Aviation Battalion)

  50. Headquarters (819th Engineer Aviation Battalion)