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  1. 1994th Quartermaster Truck Company

  2. 1997th Quartermaster Truck Company

  3. 199th Medical Dispensary

  4. 19th Air Refueling Squadron

  5. 19th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Group

  6. 19th Anti-Submarine Squadron

  7. 19th Liaison Squadron

  8. 19th Mobile Reclamation and Repair Squadron

  9. 19th Photographic Interpretation Detachment

  10. 19th Replacement Control Depot

  11. 19th Signal Center Team

  12. 19th Station Complement Squadron

  13. 19th Veterinary Section

  14. 1st 8th Air Force Show Company

  15. 1st Air Division

    1st Air Division


  16. 1st Air Transport Unit

  17. 1st Amphibious Combat Control Squadron

    1st Amphibious Combat Control Squadron

    Also known as '1st Air Combat Control Squadron, Amphibious'.

  18. 1st Anti-Submarine Squadron

  19. 1st Arctic Rescue Squadron

  20. 1st Battalion

    1st Battalion


  21. 1st Bomb Division

  22. 1st Combat Bomb Wing

  23. 1st Combat Crew Replacement Center

  24. 1st Combat Crew Replacement Control Group

  25. 1st Electronics Field Unit

  26. 1st Fighter Group

    1st Fighter Group

    The 1st Fighter Group were initially deployed to Britain in the summer of 1942 as part of Operation Bolero. After shuttling through a number of different bases in the UK, the Group was reassigned to the Twelfth Air Force in September 1942 and supported...

  27. 1st Fighter Squadron

  28. 1st Gunnery & Tow Target Flight

  29. 1st Medical Demonstration Platoon

  30. 1st Medical Supply Platoon

  31. 1st Mobile Reclamation and Repair Squadron

  32. 1st Mobile Training Unit

  33. 1st Photographic Interpretation Detachment

  34. 1st Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron

  35. 1st Photographic Technical Squadron

  36. 1st Platoon (16th Special Services Company)

  37. 1st Platoon (17th Special Services Company)

  38. 1st Platoon (308th Quartermaster Railhead Company)

  39. 1st Platoon (32nd Special Services Company)

  40. 1st Platoon (39th Field Hospital)

  41. 1st Platoon (856th Quartermaster Fumigation & Bath Company)

  42. 1st Quartermaster Battalion

  43. 1st Quartermaster Depot Company

  44. 1st Quartermaster Truck Company Aviation (Provisional) (9AFSC)

  45. 1st Quartermaster Truck Regiment

  46. 1st Reconnaissance Squadron

  47. 1st Scouting Force

  48. 1st Service Group

  49. 1st Service Squadron

  50. 1st Station Complement Squadron