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  1. 1822nd Ordnance Supply & Maintenance Company

  2. 1823rd Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company

  3. 1824th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company

  4. 1825th Ordnance Supply & Maintenance Company

  5. 1826th Ordnance Supply & Maintenance Company

  6. 1829th Ordnance Supply & Maintenance Company

  7. 182nd Medical Dispensary

  8. 1830th Ordnance Supply & Maintenance Company

  9. 1833rd Ordnance Supply & Maintenance Company

  10. 1834th Ordnance Supply & Maintenance Company

  11. 1839th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company

  12. 183rd Medical Dispensary

  13. 183rd Quartermaster Company

  14. 1840th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company

  15. 1841st Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company

  16. 1842nd Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company

  17. 1843rd Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company

  18. 184th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion

  19. 184th Medical Dispensary

  20. 184th Port Company (Transportation Corps)

  21. 185th Medical Dispensary

  22. 185th Ordnance Battalion

  23. 186th Medical Dispensary

  24. 187th Medical Dispensary

  25. 188th Medical Dispensary

  26. 189th Medical Dispensary

  27. 18th Bomb Squadron

  28. 18th Communications Squadron

  29. 18th Mobile Reclamation and Repair Squadron

  30. 18th Replacement Control Depot

  31. 18th Station Complement Squadron

  32. 18th Troop Carrier Squadron

  33. 18th Veterinary Section

  34. 18th Weather Squadron

    18th Weather Squadron

    Browse 18th Weather Squadron photographs and other documents in the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library digital archive here: www.2ndair.org.uk/digitalarchive/Dashboard/Index/60

  35. 1905th Ordnance Ammunition Company

  36. 1906th Ordnance Ammunition Company

  37. 1907th Ordnance Ammunition Company

  38. 1907th Quartermaster Truck Company

  39. 1908th Ordnance Ammunition Company

  40. 1908th Quartermaster Truck Company

  41. 190th Medical Dispensary

  42. 1912th Ordnance Ammunition Company

  43. 1915th Ordnance Ammunition Company

  44. 1915th Quartermaster Truck Company

  45. 1916th Ordnance Ammunition Company

    1916th Ordnance Ammunition Company

    1916th Ordnance Company was established around June of 1942 near Bury Saint Edmunds. The base was shared with an existing R.A.F. bomber or fighter group....

  46. 1917th Ordnance Ammunition Company

  47. 1918th Ordnance Ammunition Company

  48. 191st Medical Dispensary

  49. 1921st Quartermaster Truck Company

  50. 1922nd Ordnance Ammunition Company