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VIII Bomber Command



Part of
  • 1st Air Division

    1st Air Division


  • 1st Bomb Division
  • 2nd Air Division

    2nd Air Division


  • 2nd Bomb Division
  • 3rd Air Division

    3rd Air Division


  • 3rd Bomb Division
  • 325th Photographic Wing

    325th Photographic Wing

    8 Reconnaissance Wing (P) established by 8th Air Force order No. 69 on 19 February 1944 and headquarters established at AAF Station 113 Cheddington on 23 February 1944. ...

  • 92nd Combat Bomb Wing (II)

    92nd Combat Bomb Wing (II)

    This was the second of two 92nd Combat Bomb Wings in the 8AF. ...

  • 3rd Bomb Wing

    3rd Bomb Wing

    One of four original bombardment wings of the Eighth Air Force, the 3rd Bomb Wing comprised four groups of B-26 Marauder medium bombers by September 1943, as part of VIII Air Support Command. ...

  • 100th Bomb Group

    100th Bomb Group

    "The Bloody Hundredth", so-called because of a reputation for losing a high number aircraft and crews, flew B-17s from Thorpe Abbotts, Norfolk. Their losses were not the highest of any Eighth Air Force Group but on several occasions the Group lost many...

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Previously was
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  • 384

    2 June 1944
    Operations on this day were specified for D minus 3 by the Overall Air Plan as modified by Headquarters A.E.A.F. All objectives were located in the Pas de Calais (Fortitude) area, the attacks having as their purpose deception of the enemy as to the...

  • 8th Air Force 851

    27 February 1945
    1,107 bombers and 745 fighters are dispatched to hit road and rail communications at Halle and Leipzig using H2X radar

  • 8th Air Force 851

    27 February 1945
    1,107 bombers and 745 fighters are dispatched to hit road and rail communications at Halle and Leipzig using H2X radar

  • 896

    19 March 1945


Station Location Date
Based High Wycombe



  • Frederick Anderson

    Military | General | Commanding General | 95th Bomb Group
    Formerly senior pilot. CG VIII BC 1 July 1943 to January 1944. ...

  • Frank Armstrong

    Military | Lieutenant General | Commanding Officer; Pilot | 306th Bomb Group The Reich Wreckers
    Commanded 97th BG from 31 July 1942 to 27 September 1942. ...

  • Wilson Baker

    Military | Captain | Statistical Control Officer
    When stationed at Bushey Park, London HQ USAF, Looked up one day and saw the king of England coming in an old Rolls Royce.

  • William Brice

    Military | Major | Bombardier | 100th Bomb Group
    My father flew 29 missions with the James S. Seamans' Crew. The nickname for the crew was Seamans' Demons. He was lead bombadier on several if not most missions. He was a good man whom I loved very much. He told me stories of his missions and escapades...

  • J Briggs

    Military | Colonel | Aerial Observer | 303rd Bomb Group

  • Mary Cadmus

    WAC from 1942 to 1945

  • Leslie Clay

    Military | Technical Sergeant | Co-Pilot
    7 June 1943 emergency landing in B24 42-40615 in Iceland

  • Raymond Curtice

    Military | Colonel | Armament Officer
    Flew with 8th out of Sav'h Ga in April 1942 under orders of Arnold. Joined AAF in 1937

  • Raymond Duke-Woolley

    Military | Wing Commander | Pilot / Wing and later Group commander
    Took command of Debden Wing [3 x Eagle Sqn] ...

  • Edward Gordon

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Co-Pilot | 96th Bomb Group
    April 1944 newly assigned

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Drawn from the records of the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, Savannah, Georgia / Paul Andrews, Project Bits and Pieces, 8th Air Force Roll of Honor database