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Provisional Training Center


Established at Hethel in March 1943 to provide ground schooling on aerial gunnery. The first course completed in April 1943 was attended by 83 men, many of whom had performed ground duties with the 2nd Bomb Wing and had volunteered to transfer to air crew duties due to a shortage of replacement crews.

The first crews from the USA arrived in May and June, and received 6 days theatre indoctrination. No 12 CCRC was intended to be the primary unit for training B-24 Liberator crews, so the Provisional Training Center often found its self in competition with this aim until December 1943.

From July- August of 1943 the Provisional Training Center moved to Hardwick to train the crews of the 44th and 93rd Bomb Group not required for Operation Tidal Wave.

After a brief hiatus following the return of B-24 crews from North Africa, the Provisional Training Center was reactivated at Attlebridge on 23 October 1943, and equipped with men and aircraft of the 19th Anti-Submarine Squadron.

The Center was finally disbanded on 26 December 1943, when its duties were formally absorbed by No 2 CCRC.


Part of
  • 2nd Bomb Wing

    2nd Bomb Wing

    The 2nd Bomb Wing arrived in the UK in July 1942. The wing command became the 2nd Bomb Division in August 1943, while the wing was retitled the 2nd Combat Bomb Wing.

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Station Location Date
Established Hethel March 1943
Based Hardwick July 1943 – August 1943
Based Attlebridge 23 October 1943 – 26 October 1943




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