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654th Bomb Squadron



Part of
  • 25th Bomb Group

    25th Bomb Group

    The 25th Bombardment Group (Reconnaissance) was constituted in the days after D-Day and activated in England in August 1944 to carry out photographic and mapping missions over mainland Europe as the Allied armies pushed east. The Group were designated...

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  • Raymond Armstrong

    Military | Master Sergeant | Radar Technician | 25th Bomb Group
    KIFA aircraft de Havilland DH98 Mosquito NS538 exploded mid-air near Newmarket/Kennet during test flight.

  • Robert Balser

    Military | Lieutenant | Navigator | 25th Bomb Group
    On 20 March 1945 on a chaff dispensing mission developed mechanical problems. POW at Stalag Luft One at Barth and liberated in May by Russian forces and were flown by Allied aircraft to a staging area near Reims, France from where he was transf

  • Richard Bartlett

    Military | Corporal | 25th Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA) 12 March 1945.

  • Bernard Blaum

    Military | First Lieutenant | Navigator | 25th Bomb Group
    Prisoner of War (POW). 20 Mar 1945. Mosquito failed to return from chaff dispensing mission to Germany. Suffered fuel vapor lock from both engines returning from Graypea mission.

  • Warren Borges

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot | 306th Bomb Group The Reich Wreckers
    He flew 35 missions from May/June to December 1944 in the 306th BG. Then flew Mosquitos Mark XVI from December 1944 to August 1945 for photo and Weather Recon in the 25th BG, 653/654 BS.

  • George Brooks

    Military | Lieutenant | Pilot | 25th Bomb Group
    On Oct 25 night photography mission to Duisberg (Joker). Pilot struck tail after bail out of plane. Seen to crash at Ypres. Navigator R. Taylor returned.

  • William Cannon

    Military | Lieutenant | Navigator | 25th Bomb Group
    On November 1, 1944 H2X (Mickey) mission to Schweinfurt, Germany, Mosquito aircraft was downed by fighters. Became a prisoner of war. (He owned a monkey and when became a POW, the other crew at base didn't know what to do with the monkey. ...

  • Frank Catalano

    Military | 25th Bomb Group

  • Edwin Cerutti

    Military | Lieutenant | Navigator | 25th Bomb Group
    On November 6, 1944 night photography mission to Koln, Germany, Mosquito crashed on landing returning from Joker mission over Germany Injured.

  • Vance Chipman

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 25th Bomb Group
    On 1 November 1944, Chipman took part in an H2X (Mickey) mission to Schweinfurt, Germany. His Mosquito aircraft was downed by fighters and he was taken as a Prisoner of War. After the war he said he tried to escape by stealing an ME109.

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  • MM370

    Crew was briefed to take movies of the operation 13.08.1944. The pilot in his eagerness to do a great job stayed too low, and his plane was hit by bomb fragments, causing it to crash. ...

  • NS-311

    On August 7, 1944, Mosquito NS311 was on H2X photography (MICKEY) mission to Salzburgen, Germany. Crashed at Wycombe Marsh just outside High Wycombe after returning from Normandy beaches. Pilot and navigator initially listed as Missing in Action (MIA)...

  • NS509

    Shot down over Emkendorf, northen Germany, during a blue stocking, weather mission. 21st Jan 45. Friendly fire, from P-51 Mustang, port engine knocked, Observer was wounded and rendered unconscious, whist A/C in spin, pilot managed to hook on the...

  • NS570

    de Havilland Mosuito PR Mk XVI NS570 654th BS, 25th BG, 8th AF, lost on weather mission, shot down by E/A nightfighter, pilot Clayborne O Vinyard, crew bailed out A/C crashed near Gerharhofan, Germany. 2 POW. MACR 9231.

  • NS583

    On 8 February 1945, two Joker night-photo ships were dispatched by the 25th BG to photograph Misburg and Hamburg. The Deurog Synthetic Oil Refinery at Misburg had 10/10ths clouds so Hanover was photographed as a target of opportunity by the first...

  • NS625

    Mosquito PR Mk XVI NS625, lost on photo recon mission to Bremen, pilot 1st Lt Ray L Musgrove. 1 KIA / 1 POW. MACR 7949.

  • NS677

    de Havilland Mosquito PR Mk XVI, 654th BS, 25th BG, 8th AF. On Nov 1, 1944, H2X (Mickey) mission to Schweinfurt, Germany, aircraft was downed by fighters near Arnstein, Germany. Shot down flying a secret Mickey mission. Observer wounded in shooting...

  • RF996

    MACR 13185, Graypea mission from Watton to Hamburg, along with RF988, RF992 and RF996 flew line abreast dispensing chaff in front of the lead B17 formation, intercepted by Me262's. A/C abandoned after one engine failed, other running rough[ Fuel lock...

  • MM388

    Crash Landing En route to Hatfield, Substantial damage, Vance J. Chipman (pilot). 2/9/44. Landing accident, RAF Alconbury, Minor Damage, Robert P. Howle Jr (pilot). 18/2/45. ...

  • NS538

    NS538 one of 654th Bombardment Squadrons five "Mickey ships" and was the USAAF's H2-X equipped prototype. Crashed after an mid air explosion on the 8th Sept 1944 with the loss of the crew F/O Russell C Whitmer (pilot) USAAF and MSgt Raymond C Armstrong...

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