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  1. Triolo


    Military site : airfield

  2. Troston


    Military site : non-airfield
    In February 1944 strategic air depots were given new names to distinguish them from the combat group, thus 1 Strategic Air Depot based at Honington became Troston. One of the last sites to be transferred to the RAF after the war. Exact location unknown.

  3. Trowbridge


    Military site : non-airfield
    The army barracks along Frome Road pre-dates the First World War. During the Second World War this, plus a new camp alongside Thomas Road and Middle Lane was initially used to house British troops before being deployed abroad....

  4. Tugby


    Military site : non-airfield
    One of 16 country houses or 'flak homes' which catered for approximately 25 airmen at a time to come for Rest and Recuperation away from the stress of flying missions. Run by the American Red Cross, each serviceman was entitled to at least one rest...

  5. Twinwood Farm

    Twinwood Farm

    Military site : airfield

  6. Tyntesfield


    Military site : non-airfield

  7. USAAF Troston

    USAAF Troston

    Military site : non-airfield

  8. United Airlines Modification Center

  9. Upottery


    Military site : airfield
    Known locally as Smeatharpe, Upottery was built during 1943-44 potentially as a USAAF medium bomber, or reconnaissance or transport base. It had three concrete runways, 50 loop hardstandings, and two dispersed T2 hangars. Opened in February 1944 and...

  10. Upper Cilgee Farm, Powys

  11. Uxbridge


    Military site : non-airfield
    Exact location unknown

  12. Valley


    Military site : airfield
    USAAF Air Transport Command Ferry Terminal and Movement Section from 1943-45.

  13. Vannes


    Military site : airfield

  14. Venlo


    Military site : airfield

  15. Venosa


    Military site : airfield

  16. Verdun


    Military site : airfield

  17. Vichères


    Crash site

  18. Villacidro - Trunconi Air Field

    Villacidro - Trunconi Air Field

    Military site : airfield

  19. Villacoublay


    Military site : airfield

  20. Villeneuve / Vertus

    Villeneuve / Vertus

    Military site : airfield

  21. Vincenzo


    Military site : airfield

  22. Vitry-le-Francois


    Military site : airfield

  23. Vledder


    Crash site

  24. Vogelsang


    Military site : airfield

  25. Voisins


    Military site : airfield

  26. Västerås Airport

    Västerås Airport

    Other location

  27. Vållö


    Crash site

  28. Waddling Lane, Blundeston, Suffolk

  29. Wakes Colne

    Wakes Colne

    Military site : non-airfield

  30. Walcot Hall

    Walcot Hall

    Military site : non-airfield
    Bought by the Dearden family in 1891, during the Second World War the Hall was used as an RAF operations room remote from conjoined RAF Wittering and RAF Collyweston. From December 1943 the 67th Fighter Wing took over, using the Hall as a command and...

  31. Walhampton House

    Walhampton House

    Military site : non-airfield
    Run by the American Red Cross, Walhampton House was one of 16 country houses or 'flak homes' which housed airmen for Rest and Recuperation away from the stress of flying missions. Each serviceman was entitled to at least one rest period during their 25...

  32. Walla Walla Army Airfield

    Walla Walla Army Airfield

    Military site : airfield

  33. Wallingford, Oxfordshire

    Wallingford, Oxfordshire

    Other location

  34. Wapley Common

    Wapley Common

    Military site : non-airfield
    Exact location unknown.

  35. Warborough


    Other location

  36. Warmwell


    Military site : airfield
    Originally named Woodsford, the station opened as a grass airfield Armament Practice Camp in 1937. Subject to a change of name in 1938, to avoid confusion with the Avro factory airfield of Woodford, RAF Warmwell was used as a training, fighter and ASR...

  37. Warton


    Military site : airfield
    Built as a satellite airfield for Squires Gate, it was earmarked for US use even before America entered the Second World War. Its location made it ideal for use as a depot station, where incoming US aircraft could be processed and moved on to active...

  38. Warton Marsh

    Warton Marsh

    Crash site

  39. Washington Crossing National Cemetery

  40. Watford


    Military site : non-airfield

  41. Wattisham


    Military site : airfield
    Built in 1938 as a medium bomber station with a grass airfield, Wattisham was occupied by the RAF until handed over to the Eighth Air Force in September 1942. The 68th Observation Group was the first American unit to occupy the station from October to...

  42. Wattisham Memorial

    Wattisham Memorial

    Other location

  43. Watton


    Military site : airfield
    Built in 1939 as a medium bomber station with a grass airfield, Watton was occupied by the RAF until handed over to the Eighth Air Force in mid-1943. Improved initially with a single steel mat runway in 1943, plus 41 loop and 12 pan hardstandings, a...

  44. Waycross AAF

    Waycross AAF

    Military site : airfield

  45. Welford


    Military site : airfield
    Welford was planned as an RAF bomber Operational Training Unit, but was instead allocated to the USAAF for use as a transport airfield. It was built in 1943 to a standard design, with a 6,000 foot runway with two shorter runways, hardstandings and two...

  46. Wellingborough


    Military site : non-airfield
    Home to support units, including Quartermaster Truck Companies. Part of the depot at Wellingborough was based in a former shirt factory on a site off Brickhill Road. The building is now part of Weavers Academy.

  47. Wendling


    Military site : airfield
    RAF Wendling was home to the 392nd Bomb Group from 1943 to 1945. Built in 1942, it was originally planned to be an RAF Bomber Command airfield. Improvement and expansion works were carried out in 1942 and 1943 prior to the arrival of the 392nd and...

  48. West Monkton

    West Monkton

    Military site : non-airfield

  49. Westhampnett


    Military site : airfield
    Acquired in 1938 as an Emergency Landing Ground for RAF Tangmere, Westhampnett was upgraded to satellite status in 1940. It had eventually three grass runways, 19 pan hardstandings, 32 small pens, and one T1 plus eight over-blister hangars. Occupied by...

  50. Weston Super Mare

    Weston Super Mare

    Military site : non-airfield