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  1. Landing Ground 174

    Landing Ground 174

    Military site : airfield

  2. Lands End

    Lands End

    Other location

  3. Langar


    Military site : airfield
    Langar was built in the latter half of 1942 in the parish of Harby, which is the name locals used to refer to the base. It was built to a standard Class A specification, with 6,000 foot and 4,200 foot runways, hardstandings for aircraft (originally 36,...

  4. Langford Lodge

    Langford Lodge

    Military site : airfield
    Planned to be a Satellite Landing Ground for No. 23 Maintenance Unit at RAF Aldergrove, Langford Lodge was selected in October 1941 to be developed as an air deport for the maintenance and repair of USAAF aircraft. A scheme was devised whereby the...

  5. Langham


    Other location

  6. Langham Nr Cottesmore

    Langham Nr Cottesmore

    Military site : non-airfield

  7. Langley Army Airfield

    Langley Army Airfield

    Military site : airfield

  8. Langton


    Military site : non-airfield
    Home of a Signal Construction Battalion. Exact location unknown

  9. Laon / Couvron

    Laon / Couvron

    Military site : airfield

  10. Laon/Athies


    Military site : airfield

  11. Lashenden


    Military site : airfield
    Close to but completely separate from RAF Headcorn, Lashenden was built for the RAF during 1942-43 as an Advanced Landing Ground (ALG), initially as a light bomber base and then as a training base for mobile fighter squadrons. Enlarged and improved for...

  12. Lavenham


    Military site : airfield
    Lavenham was built as a standard USAAF bomber airfield, with fifty hardstandings, T2 hangars and 2,000 and 1,400 feet runways. John Laing and Son Ltd. carried out the work in 1943, and the airfield opened in April 1944. The 487th Bomb Group occupied...

  13. Lavenham Marketplace

    Lavenham Marketplace

    Other location

  14. Le Culot Airfield

    Le Culot Airfield

    Military site : airfield

  15. Le Mans

    Le Mans

    Military site : airfield

  16. Le Molay

    Le Molay

    Military site : airfield

  17. Lecce Airfield

    Lecce Airfield

    Military site : airfield

  18. Leicester


    Military site : non-airfield
    Principal units assigned were detachments of the 892 Signal Depot Company

  19. Leicester East

    Leicester East

    Military site : airfield
    RAF Leicester East was opened on 8 October 1943 but was downgraded to 'Care and maintenance' status. It was then considered as a base for USAAF Tactical Carrier Group, but then made ready for two Stirling squadrons. USAAF did use/share this site with...

  20. Leiston


    Military site : airfield
    Leiston's location only three miles from the North Sea Coast made it ideal as a Fighter Group air base whose job would be to escort bombers across the sea and over occupied Europe. The air base also witnessed the arrival of many very damaged Allied...

  21. Lenwade House

    Lenwade House

    Military site : non-airfield

  22. Lesina Airfield

    Lesina Airfield

    Military site : airfield

  23. Lessay


    Military site : airfield

  24. Lete


    Military site : airfield

  25. Lichfield


    Military site : non-airfield
    The site of Litchfield Races was used to build a barracks which became operational in 1881. The 1702 grandstand still exists....

  26. Lignerolles


    Military site : airfield

  27. Lilford Hall

    Lilford Hall

    Military site : non-airfield
    The 303rd Station Hospital was formed in the Spring of 1943, and arrived at Lilford Hall in September that year. Its initial 750 beds were used by patients from nearby airbases at Polebrook, Molesworth and Grafton Underwood, mostly wounded airmen....

  28. Limburg


    Military site : airfield

  29. Lincoln Hall, Hingham, Norfolk

  30. Lippitts Hill

    Lippitts Hill

    Military site : non-airfield

  31. Liskeard


    Military site : non-airfield

  32. Lisnabreeny American Military Cemetery

  33. Little Heathsite

    Little Heathsite

    Military site : non-airfield

  34. Little Staughton

    Little Staughton

    Military site : airfield
    Built during 1941-42 potentially as a USAAF bomber base, Little Staughton had three concrete runways, 37 hardstandings, two dispersed T2 hangars and eight Robin hangars. Occupied temporarily from December 1942 by the Advanced Air Depot of the 1st Bomb...

  35. Little Walden

    Little Walden

    Military site : airfield
    Little Walden was built as a Class A airfield suitable for American heavy bombers. The 409th Bomb Group, as part of the Ninth Air Force, was stationed at the base between March and September 1944, flying A-20 Havocs....

  36. Liverpool


    Military site : non-airfield
    A depot for materiel shipped from the United States - known as an 'Intransit Depot'. Exact location unknown.

  37. Llanbedr


    Military site : airfield
    USAAF lodger units occupied this RAF station from 1942-1944, including the 14th Fighter Group.

  38. London


    Other location

  39. London - North Audley Street

    London - North Audley Street

    Military site : non-airfield
    16-20 North Audley Street was finally built as a hotel in 1908 - the St Petersburg. It was used as a hospital for Canadian officers toward the end of the First World War....

  40. London - Rainbow Corner : American Red Cross Club

  41. Long Kesh

    Long Kesh

    Military site : airfield
    RAF station which was allocated to the USAAF but not used.

  42. Longwater Lane Cemetery, Costessey, Norfolk

  43. Lonray


    Military site : airfield

  44. Lords Bridge

    Lords Bridge

    Military site : non-airfield
    Some Advanced Ammunition Parks were used to store poison gas bombs or chemical weapons. Exact location unknown.

  45. Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial

  46. Lucera Airfield

    Lucera Airfield

    Military site : airfield

  47. Ludham


    Military site : airfield
    Built for the RAF in 1940-42, Ludham was allocated to the Eighth Air Force 1942 but not used. It remained an RAF and Fleet Air Arm Station from 1942-1945.

  48. Lurgan


    Military site : non-airfield
    Used by the 63rd Signal Battalion.

  49. Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial

  50. Lydiard Tregoze

    Lydiard Tregoze

    Military site : non-airfield
    Lydiard House and Park had a number of uses during the Second World War, which included accommodation for American servicemen. A USAAF hospital was also constructed in the Park. In the later stages of the war and for some time after the buildings were...