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Sawston Hall

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Sawston Hall was requisitioned for use as the Headquarters of the 66th Fighter Wing, from the Huddleston family. There is graffiti on the top floor from the US occupation and an air-raid shelter in the grounds. It reverted to the Huddleston's at the end of the war and was sold by them in 1982 to a language school and was later sold on.

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  • Bryant Anderson

    Military | Colonel | Fighter Pilot | 357th Fighter Group
    Assigned to 82FS, 78FG, 8AF USAAF. Transferred to 364FS, 357FG, 8AF USAAF. Completed (End) Tour of Duty (ETD). 2nd tour with 6th Fighter Wing. Awards: WWII Victory. Post War: Remained in USAF serving in Korea and Vietnam, retiring as Colonel.

  • Kermit Bailey

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Chief of Staff

  • Joseph Browne

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Wing A-4 Officer

  • Elmer Ellis

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Wing A-1 Officer Personnel Chief

  • John Gerli

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Wing A-2 Intelligence Officer
    An intelligence officer was used to debrief 4 fighter pilots at one time after each mission. Gerli was stationed near Duxford and the 78th FG AM/ ATO/ ETO/ battle star

  • Frederic Gray

    Military | Brigadier General | Commanding Officer | 78th Fighter Group
    Frederic C. Gray was born in 1911 near Palestine, Texas. He attended Rising Star High School and graduated in 1931 from Abilene Christian College with a bachelor of arts degree. ...

  • Clyde Kennedy

    Military | Major | Commanding Officer
    Killed on the same day that he had received his promotion from Captain to Major of the 66th Headquarters squadron.

  • Lawrence Majercin

    Military | Captain

  • John Sitek


  • Murray Woodbury

    Military | Brigadier General | Fighter Wing Commander; Commanding General
    Murray C. Woodbury was born in 1899 in Burlington, Vt. He graduated from the Florida Military Academy in 1917, and attended Norwich University, Vt. He served as a private and private first class, Aviation Section, Signal Reserve, from Jan. 31, 1918, to...


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