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Little Walden

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Little Walden was built as a Class A airfield suitable for American heavy bombers. The 409th Bomb Group, as part of the Ninth Air Force, was stationed at the base between March and September 1944, flying A-20 Havocs.
The base was then handed over to the Eighth Air Force's P-51 Mustang-flying 361st Fighter Group, which flew from Little Walden before setting up on the Continent in December 1944 to help counter the German offensive in the Ardennes from closer range. The Group flew from a base in Belgium before returning to Little Walden in April 1945.
In March 1945, the Eighth Air Force's 493rd Bomb Group temporarily based its B-17s here while runways at its base at Debach underwent repairs.

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  • Walter Allard

    Military | First Lieutenant | bomber | 409th Bomb Group

  • Joseph Armistead

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 409th Bomb Group
    Joseph Armistead served as a pilot with the 641st Bomb Squadron of the 409th Bomb Group, flying missions out of Little Walden, England. On 11 June 1944, he was piloting A-20 43-9703 when it collided with A-20 43-9946 soon after take-off. Armistead died...

  • Glenn Beeler

    Military | Major | Fighter pilot | 355th Fighter Group
    Assigned to 354FS, 355FG, 8AF USAAF. Credited 1 x kill [secured with a bold claim in the combat report, as the pilot of the already damaged Fw190 baled out, with Beeler's P-51D firmly attached to his tail, without a shot having been fired]. Transferred...

  • Fred Boswell

    Military | Captain | Flight Control Officer | 361st Fighter Group
    As Fred Boswell told it to the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force: ...

  • Will Butts

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Fighter Pilot | 361st Fighter Group

  • John Donnelly

    Military | Sergeant | 409th Bomb Group
    John Donnelly served with the 641st Bomb Squadron of the 409th Bomb Group, flying missions out of Little Walden, England. On 11 June 1944, he was flying in A-20 43-9703 when it collided with A-20 43-9946 soon after take-off. Donnelly died when the...

  • Urban Drew

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 361st Fighter Group
    Urban L "Ben" Drew joined the US Army Air Force in 1942, and trained P-51 Mustang pilots after graduating from Marian, Florida. He arrived in England in October 1944 and joined the 361st Fighter Group. Drew completed 75 missions with the 361st and...

  • James Eason

    Military | First Lieutenant | Fighter pilot | 361st Fighter Group
    James Eason served as a pilot with the 361st Fighter Group. He was Killed in Action on 1 November 1944.

  • Van Eisenhut

    Military | Captain | fighter pilot-1055 | 361st Fighter Group
    Flew P-51D s/n 44-15352 E9+L "Undertaker" Flew F-86Es during the Korean War with the 335th FIS downed MIG-15 on Jan. 14, 1953 near Chongsongjin, Korea.

  • William Genheimer

    Military | Captain
    Served as Commanding Officer of the 1st Gunnery and Tow Target Flight from 9 November 1944- April 1945.

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  • 43-22027

    A-20 Havoc
    Assigned to 642BS, 409BG, 9AF USAAF. Failed to Return (FTR) mission to Cologne hit by flak in wing span out of control and crashed Liblar, Germany [1 x POW, 3 x KIA] 2-Feb-45 MACR 12056. ...

  • 43-9457

    A-20 Havoc
    Shot down by AA fire on mission to Bonnieres, France on 9 May 1944. Pilot 1Lt Gordon R. Argyle, Bombardier/Navigator Ralph Corey and Mechanic/Gunner SSgt William H. Oglesbee were killed. Armorer/Gunner SSgt Louis W. Dirickson became POW. MACR 4677

  • 43-9903

    A-20 Havoc
    Assigned to 643BS, 409BG, 9AF USAAF. Failed to Return (FTR) Over Water (OW) mission to Campagne-lès-Hesdin. Hit by flak over target, headed for base, having crossed the French coast, crew ordered to bale out. 2 x RTD, 1 x KIA. MACR 12274. ...

  • 43-25044

    P-51 Mustang

  • 44-13319

    P-51 Mustang
    Assigned to 335FS, 4FG, 8AF USAAF. Transferred to 358FS, 355FG, 8AF. Transferred to 376FS, 361FG 8AF.

  • 44-14202

    P-51 Mustang
    Assigned 334FS, 4FG, 8AF USAAF. Transferred to 374FS, 361FG, 8AF USAAF. Lost 3-Oct-44. Suffered engine failure on take off Little Walden/Sta 165. Lt Charles C McKivett KIFA.

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