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Roye / Amy

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  • 370th Fighter Group
  • 349th Troop Carrier Group
  • 391st Bomb Group

    391st Bomb Group

    "The heaviest losses sustained by the 391st Bombardment Group in a single operation occurred on 23 December 1944, after an attack on the railroad viaduct at Ahrweiler, Germany (11). Upon completion of the second bomb run, the formation was attacked by...


  • Oren Adams

    Military | First Lieutenant | fighter pilot | 370th Fighter Group

  • John Amber

    Military | Technical Sergeant | Radio Operator Gunner | 391st Bomb Group
    John Amber served as a radio operator gunner with the 391st Bomb Group. Amber must have served with a different unit prior to the 391st as he was already at the rank of Tech Sergeant and wore several different medal ribbons in October 1944 before...

  • Oscar Gewinner

    Military | Captain | Fighter Pilot | 370th Fighter Group
    Bud Gewinner served as a fighter pilot of the 485th Fighter Squadron of the 370th Fighter Group. He began to keep a diary when he was went overseas on 31 January 1944, and it runs until 20 October 1944. He flew his first mission on 18 April 1944,...

  • Andor Kish

    Military | Private First Class (6th Grade) | Telephone switchboard | 391st Bomb Group
    Andor is from Franklin Boro, NJ. He enlisted August, 1942. He was assigned to MacDill Field/ Drew Field, Tampa, Florida. He was shipped out on the Queen Mary on Nov. 15, 1943 to Scotland and then to Matching, England. He was a member of the Franklin...

  • James Kunkle

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Fighter pilot | 370th Fighter Group
    James Kunkle, was a P-38 and P-51 fighter pilot credited with two aerial combat victories. He joined the 401st Fighter Squadron, 370th Group of the 9th Air Force and carried out 36 combat missions in support of the Normandy landing operations and...

  • Eugene Morris

    Military | Corporal | Aerial Gunner | 391st Bomb Group
    Eugene Morris served as an aerial gunner with the 391st Bomb Group.

  • Richard Naugle

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 391st Bomb Group
    Richard Naugle served as a pilot with the 391st Bomb Group, flying 21 missions in B-26 Marauders. For the remainder of his life, Richard was an ardent supporter of veterans' groups and organizations.

  • George Sutcliffe

    Military | Flight Officer | Bombardier | 391st Bomb Group
    George Sutcliffe served as a bombardier with the 391st Bomb Group.

  • Ralph Turner

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Co-pilot | 391st Bomb Group
    Ralph Turner served as a co-pilot with the 391st Bomb Group.

  • Philip Walter

    Military | Captain | Pilot B-26 Marauder & A-26 Invader

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- "Battle Colors Volume III - Insignia and Tactical Markings of the Ninth Air Force in World War Two' by Robert A. Watkins;