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Detailed history

Sandweiler Airport opened in the 1930s. Following the invasion of Luxembourg by Germany in 1940, the field was used by the Luftwwaffe. The airfield was taken over by the USAAF in September 1944, designated an Advanced Landing Ground and used by the 363rd Tactical Reconnaissance Group until 29 October 1944.

For the rest of the war the airport was used as a transport supply airfield, and often used to evacuate casualties back to the UK. It returned to Luxembourgish control in August 1945, it is currently used as Luxembourg Airport.

English Heritage's record description

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  • 43-9445

    A-20 Havoc
    Missing on a flight from A-97 Sandweiler, Luxembourg to Boxted, Essex on 19 November 1944. LtCol Frederick E. Fair, Maj John S. Evans, MSgt John H. Pittman and TSgt Dwight E. Barnes lost. MACR 16050


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