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  1. H  Zoltin

    H Zoltin

    Military | Private | 100th Bomb Group

  2. Norman F Zoltowski

    Norman F Zoltowski

    Military | 457th Bomb Group

  3. Teddy P Zoltowski

    Teddy P Zoltowski

    Military | 467th Bomb Group

  4. Robert  Zoltz

    Robert Zoltz

    Military | 446th Bomb Group

  5. Chester  Zolynski

    Chester Zolynski

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Tail Gunner | 486th Bomb Group
    Member of Alexander crew. Killed in Action (KIA) at Ijmuiden in B-17 #43-37927. Still listed as Missing In Action (MIA)

  6. Walter W Zombeck

    Walter W Zombeck

    Military | 487th Bomb Group

  7. John J Zombol

    John J Zombol

    Military | Staff Sergeant | 351st Bomb Group

  8. Walter  Zombro

    Walter Zombro

    Military | 7th Photographic Reconnaissance Group

  9. Louis J Zommer

    Louis J Zommer

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Right Waist Gunner, Waist Gunner | 447th Bomb Group
    After receiving flak hits on the return from a mission to Berlin on 22 Mar 1944, the crew baled out of B-17G #42-107038 before it crashed in Amsterdam, Holland. Prisoner of War (POW). POW

  10. Joe  Zomoida

    Joe Zomoida

    Military | Private | 384th Bomb Group

  11. Horace J Zona

    Horace J Zona

    Military | Radio Operator | 388th Bomb Group

  12. Rinaldo A Zona

    Rinaldo A Zona

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Bombardier | 96th Bomb Group
    Shot down 30 November 1944 in B-17 #4238133 'Reluctant Dragon. ' POW. POW

  13. James Mete Zonia

    James Mete Zonia

    Military | Sergeant | Draftsman | 381st Bomb Group

  14. Jack  Zonker

    Jack Zonker

    Military | Staff Sergeant | 458th Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA). B 24 AC # 42-50907 night practice mission

  15. Angelo G Zonta

    Angelo G Zonta

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Tail Gunner | 379th Bomb Group
    Assigned to 527BS, 379BG, 8AF USAAF. Completed 37 missions, in many different aircraft. Awards: DFC, AM, WWII Victory, EAME.

  16. Lawrence J Zontini

    Lawrence J Zontini

    Military | 93rd Bomb Group

  17. Joseph H Zonyk

    Joseph H Zonyk

    Military | 448th Bomb Group

  18. German G Zook

    German G Zook

    Military | Ground Echelon | 390th Bomb Group
    Crew Number 43

  19. Lloyd E Zook

    Lloyd E Zook

    Military | 384th Bomb Group

  20. Lloyd A Zook

    Lloyd A Zook

    Military | Corporal | 339th Fighter Group

  21. Urie H Zook

    Urie H Zook

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Bombardier | 398th Bomb Group
    Urie H. Zook was born in Belleville, Pennsylvania, USA to an Amish family. Despite the Amish disposition on non-violence, Urie voluntarily enlisted for combat in the United States Army Air Force. ...

  22. Richard W Zoph

    Richard W Zoph

    Military | Waist Gunner | 381st Bomb Group

  23. Joseph R. Zoppi

    Joseph R. Zoppi

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Crew Chief of "Miss GENNY CLOUD" | 352nd Fighter Group

  24. Wilbur G Zordel

    Wilbur G Zordel

    Military | Sergeant | Tail Gunner | 384th Bomb Group
    Shot down 13 May 1944 in B-17 #4297404. Prisoner of War (POW). POW

  25. Theodore  Zorilla

    Theodore Zorilla

    Military | First Lieutenant | Bombardier | 466th Bomb Group

  26. Howard J Zorn

    Howard J Zorn

    Military | Navigator | 385th Bomb Group
    Howard J Zorn served as a navigator with the 385th Bomb Group.

  27. Joe F Zorn

    Joe F Zorn

    Military | 447th Bomb Group

  28. Russell J Zorn

    Russell J Zorn

    Military | Sergeant | Photographer | 388th Bomb Group
    Photographs of crashes taken by Zorn during WWII are included in book by Ian Maclachlan and Zorn.

  29. Dale F Zornow

    Dale F Zornow

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Navigator | 445th Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA) shot down at Archfeild on 9/27/44 in B-24 #4250340

  30. John J Zorski

    John J Zorski

    Military | 381st Bomb Group

  31. Edward J Zorsky

    Edward J Zorsky

    Military | Sergeant | 78th Fighter Group

  32. William F Zoske

    William F Zoske

    Military | Sergeant | Radio Operator; Gunner | 467th Bomb Group

  33. Anthony J Zotollo

    Anthony J Zotollo

    Military | Lieutenant | Pilot | 351st Bomb Group
    Prisoner of War (POW) Shot down by flak and crashed near Antwerp on 8/9/44 in B-17 #446077 POW

  34. Joseph R Zotter

    Joseph R Zotter

    Military | Airplane Mechanic | 388th Bomb Group

  35. Leroy P Zotter

    Leroy P Zotter

    Military | 390th Bomb Group
    Crew Number 61

  36. Walter J Zoucha

    Walter J Zoucha

    Military | Enlisted Man | 56th Fighter Group

  37. Rudolph J Zoudlik

    Rudolph J Zoudlik

    Military | 446th Bomb Group

  38. John L Zoutte

    John L Zoutte

    Military | 457th Bomb Group

  39. Anthony S Zozulak

    Anthony S Zozulak

    Military | 447th Bomb Group

  40. Joseph  Zozwiak

    Joseph Zozwiak

    Military | 457th Bomb Group

  41. Phillip A Zozzaro

    Phillip A Zozzaro

    Military | Corporal | 491st Bomb Group

  42. Gordon F Zrust

    Gordon F Zrust

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Bombardier | 306th Bomb Group The Reich Wreckers
    Prisoner of War (POW) Crashed at Lichterfelde on 9/12/44 in B-17 #4238042 POW

  43. John F Zsadanyi

    John F Zsadanyi

    Military | Tail Gunner | 492nd Bomb Group (Heavy)

  44. Joseph G Zsampar

    Joseph G Zsampar

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Ball Turret Gunner | 303rd Bomb Group
    Shot down 14 May 1943 in B-17 #425243 'FDR's Potato Peeler Kids. ' Plane crashed into North Sea. Killed in Action (KIA).

  45. Charles Edward Zschiesche

    Charles Edward Zschiesche

    Military | Technical Sergeant | Assistant Radio Operator/Gunner | 392nd Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA)

  46. Arthur  Zsiga

    Arthur Zsiga

    Military | 392nd Bomb Group

  47. Gabriel S Zsigo

    Gabriel S Zsigo

    Military | 93rd Bomb Group

  48. Albin P Ztchowski

    Albin P Ztchowski

    Military | Second Lieutenant | 56th Fighter Group

  49. Walter F Zuba

    Walter F Zuba

    Military | 447th Bomb Group

  50. Paul  Zubatch

    Paul Zubatch

    Military | Staff Sergeant | 351st Bomb Group

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