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  1. Fred N Acord

    Fred N Acord

    Military | Sergeant | Gunner | 453rd Bomb Group

  2. James W Acord

    James W Acord

    Military | 305th Bomb Group Can Do

  3. John B Acord

    John B Acord

    Military | Corporal | 78th Fighter Group

  4. Ona N Acord

    Ona N Acord

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Co-Pilot | 96th Bomb Group
    An ME109 collided with B-17G #42-38001on mission to Frankfurt on 29 Jan 1944. Killed in Action (KIA).

  5. Ona N Acord

    Ona N Acord

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Co-Pilot | 96th Bomb Group

  6. Robert M Acorn

    Robert M Acorn

    Military | Technical Sergeant | Tail Gunner | 379th Bomb Group

  7. Argent J Acosta Jr

    Argent J Acosta Jr

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Fighter Pilot | 364th Fighter Group
    Assigned to 383FS, 364FG, 8AF USAAF. Failed to Return (FTR) Area sweep to Berlin, shortly after landfall formation went onto instruments due to overcast, element leader called a break as another group of P-51's where descending onto the formation,...

  8. Bertrand B Acosta

    Bertrand B Acosta

    Military | Ground Echelon | 390th Bomb Group
    Crew Number 3

  9. David S Acosta

    David S Acosta

    Military | Ground Echelon | 390th Bomb Group
    Crew Number 3

  10. Fernando  Acosta

    Fernando Acosta

    Military | Ground Echelon | 390th Bomb Group
    Crew Number 3

  11. Reuben R Acosta

    Reuben R Acosta

    Military | Sergeant | 401st Bomb Group

  12. Fernando   Acosta  Jr

    Fernando Acosta Jr

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Ball Turret Gunner | 493rd Bomb Group
    On 14 January 1945, B-17 44-8314 'Paradise Kid' landed in Sweden, mechanical failure. Crew interned in Sweden.

  13. Dominic P Acquaro

    Dominic P Acquaro

    Military | Sergeant | MOS 747, Airplane and Engine Mechanic | 384th Bomb Group
    Dominic Acquaro was a member of the maintenance crew for B-17 42-37776, LADY DREW, 546th Bomb Squadron, 384th Bomb Group.

  14. Sam  Acquaviva

    Sam Acquaviva

    Military | Major | Navigator | 92nd Bomb Group Fame's Favoured Few
    25 missions Jul '43 - Jan '44. DFC; AM

  15. Salvatore J Acquista

    Salvatore J Acquista

    Military | Private First Class | 303rd Bomb Group

  16. Arthur L Acree

    Arthur L Acree

    Military | Sergeant | Radar Crewman, Radio Counter Measures | 493rd Bomb Group

  17. John D Acree

    John D Acree

    Military | Sergeant | 351st Bomb Group

  18. Lawrence O Acree

    Lawrence O Acree

    Military | Private | 95th Bomb Group

  19. Walter M Acree

    Walter M Acree

    Military | Flight Officer | Pilot | 351st Bomb Group
    Left 25 May 1945 first to head home; flew all the Cook tours; hauled out the French Prisoner of War (POW)s

  20. Molly Mb Acreman
  21. Leroy H Acridge

    Leroy H Acridge

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Radio Operator | 385th Bomb Group
    Shot down 30 December 1943 in B-17 #423097 'Ground Hog. ' Prisoner of War (POW). POW

  22. Elmer J Actkison

    Elmer J Actkison

    Military | Enlisted Man | 56th Fighter Group

  23. Buford E Acton

    Buford E Acton

    Military | 392nd Bomb Group
    MOS =911, Aircraft Armorer. Per 392nd orders 24Mar44, was a Sgt and transferred to Det of Pts, 231st Sta Hosp.

  24. Joseph V Acton

    Joseph V Acton

    Military | Sergeant | 389th Bomb Group

  25. William J Acton

    William J Acton

    Military | Sergeant | Ball Turret Gunner | 453rd Bomb Group
    Shot down 8 May 1944 in B-24 #4252169 'Lucky Penny. ' Killed in Action (KIA). PH

  26. Coyle J Acuff

    Coyle J Acuff

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Left Waist Gunner | 388th Bomb Group
    Prisoner of War (POW) - shot down by flak and crashed near Paris on 6/27/44 in B-24 41-29496 POW

  27. Samuel W Acuff

    Samuel W Acuff

    Military | Staff Sergeant | 389th Bomb Group

  28. Albert M Acuna

    Albert M Acuna

    Military | 447th Bomb Group

  29. Carlos G Acuna

    Carlos G Acuna

    Military | 392nd Bomb Group
    Cook for Thanksgiving Dinner 1943 at Enlisted Mess No. 2

  30. Joe  Acuna

    Joe Acuna

    Military | Sergeant | 339th Fighter Group

  31. Vincent  Acunto

    Vincent Acunto

    Military | First Lieutenant | 351st Bomb Group

  32. Vincento C Acunto

    Vincento C Acunto

    Military | 457th Bomb Group

  33. Matt D Mc Ada

    Matt D Mc Ada

    Military | Sergeant | Ball Turret Gunner | 493rd Bomb Group

  34. Dominick R Adago

    Dominick R Adago

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Aerial Gunner, Bombardier, Co-Pilot, Radio Operator | 392nd Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA)

  35. Andrew H Adair

    Andrew H Adair

    Military | Laborer III | 381st Bomb Group
    To 432 ASGp

  36. Archie S Adair

    Archie S Adair

    Military | Major | 452nd Bomb Group

  37. Bert  Adair

    Bert Adair

    Military | Corporal | Clerk | 388th Bomb Group

  38. Daniel A Adair

    Daniel A Adair

    Military | Waist Gunner | 381st Bomb Group
    Steinwinter, J. Crew

  39. Gaylen W Adair

    Gaylen W Adair

    Military | 96th Bomb Group

  40. Glen N Adair

    Glen N Adair

    Military | 95th Bomb Group

  41. Jack G Adair

    Jack G Adair

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Co-Pilot | 96th Bomb Group
    Shot down 28 July 1943 in B-17 #4230401. Plane crashed into North Sea. Killed in Action (KIA).

  42. James C Adair

    James C Adair

    Military | Lieutenant | Pilot | 100th Bomb Group

  43. Jessie P Adair

    Jessie P Adair

    Military | Private First Class | 303rd Bomb Group

  44. John Joseph Adair

    John Joseph Adair

    Military | Major | Bomb / Nav | 391st Bomb Group
    Assigned to 575BS, 391BG, 8AF USAAF. Bomb/Nav of “Silver Dollar,” B-26C 42-107671, shot down about 30 miles south of their target, the railroad viaduct at Ahrweiler, Germany. 23-Dec-44. A/C last seen with starboard engine feathered and port engine...

  45. Joseph W Adair Jr

    Joseph W Adair Jr

    Military | Sergeant | Gunner | 95th Bomb Group

  46. Luther E Adair Jr

    Luther E Adair Jr

    Military | Flight Officer | Co-Pilot | 384th Bomb Group
    Prisoner of War (POW). 26 June 1943, B17 42-3188 'Miss Carriage' was attacked by fighters, left formation and exploded. Crashed near Bernay, France. Missing Air Crew Report #15567

  47. Norman R Adair

    Norman R Adair

    Military | Sergeant | Radio Operator | 384th Bomb Group
    Assigned to the 384th BG, 547th BS on AAF Station 106 Special Orders #77 dated 21 August 1943 (not as a member of a crew). 25 combat missions.

  48. Robert D Adair

    Robert D Adair

    Military | 490th Bomb Group

  49. Robert O Adair

    Robert O Adair

    Military | First Sergeant | 490th Bomb Group

  50. Sidney T Adair

    Sidney T Adair

    Military | Corporal | 445th Bomb Group

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