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Harry C Merritt




  • William Ballantine

    Military | Flight Officer | Navigator | 466th Bomb Group

  • Anthony Carras

    Military | Captain | Co-Pilot | 466th Bomb Group
    Co-Pilot of the Harry C. Merritt Crew - Crew 671 ...

  • William Estep

    Military | Technical Sergeant (2nd Grade) | Flight Engineer | 466th Bomb Group

  • Michael Gelesh

    Military | Staff Sergeant (3rd Grade) | Tail Gunner | 466th Bomb Group

  • Richard Humphrey

    Military | Flight Officer | Bombardier | 466th Bomb Group

  • Earl Schilling

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Gunner | 466th Bomb Group
    Made 35 missions Air Medal

  • Charles Woodruff

    Military | Technical Sergeant (2nd Grade) | Radio Operator | 466th Bomb Group

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Units served with

  • 466th Bomb Group

    466th Bomb Group

    The 466th Bomb Group flew B-24 Liberators from Attlebridge, Norfolk, during the last year of the war in Europe. The Group flew 232 missions in the course of the year and celebrated the 100th one by inviting local people onto the base to mark the...

  • 786th Bomb Squadron



  • 8th Air Force 269

    20 March 1944
    The industrial areas of Frankfurt and the railroad marshalling yards there are the targets for this mission. All three Air Disivisions despatch aircraft but high clouds frustrated bombing attempts and many formations abandoned the mission even after...

  • 676

    14 October 1944
    Black Week

  • 681

    17 October 1944

  • 683

    19 October 1944

  • 8th Air Force 760

    24 December 1944
    1. Decision. ...

Associated Place

  • Attlebridge

    Military site : airfield
    Attlebridge was constructed for RAF use and completed to that standard in 1942. However, with news that it was to be assigned to the American Air Force, the runways were extended and additional hardstandings and outbuildings constructed for the heavy...


Event Location Date
Lived in Detroit, MI, USA 1942

13107 Kercheval Avenue

Crash Landing Attlebridge, Norwich, Norfolk NR9, UK 24 December 1944

"We arrived over the field in formation with #1 engine feathered. After peeling off, we circled the field and called for landing instructions. We made a normal approach to the field; while in the final approach the tower sent an aircraft in the landing pattern ahead of us, around again. We hit the prop wash of this aircraft as we were about to land. This caused our left wing to dip, therefore we added power to counteract the effect of the propwash and to bring the wing up. We were unable to gain enough airspeed to go around, so we cut our power and landed long. To avoid hitting an aircraft that had landed in front of us we swerved off to the right. In doing so the left landing gear collapsed, swinging us to the left. We then collided with the other aircraft, knocking the nose turret off in the process of the collision. No one was injured in either aircraft." Harry C. Merritt in reporting the reason for his crash.


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Official Crash Report

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Officers of Attlebridge - 1944

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Drawn from the records of the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, Savannah, Georgia / Unit roster in the book ATTLEBRIDGE ARSENAL by Wassom & Brassfield, page 348