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Malcolm Ross Anderson




Units served with

  • Halverson Detachment

    Halverson Detachment

    HALPRO or the Halverson Detachement was a group of 23 B-24 Liberators originally destined to join the 10th Air Force in the China, Burma, India Theatre of operations. ...


  • HALPRO Task Force

    12 June 1942
    The first Army Air Force Combat mission in Europe during the Second World War, saw 13 B-24 Liberators, originally destined for China, bomb oil refineries in Ploesti, Roumania. While the raid had little impact, it proved the concept that Heavy bombers...

  • RAF Western Desert Air Force

    15 June 1942
    HALPRO B-24's and two Liberators of No 160 Squadron, RAF, attacked the Italian shipping fleet, which had now put to sea. The Beauforts sank a cruiser, and five of the USAAF planes bombed, claiming hits on a Littorio-class battleship and a Trento-class...

  • RAF Western Desert Air Force

    21 June 1942
    HALPRO B-24 conduct a night time raid on Benghazi harbor, with the support of RAF Wellingtons.

  • RAF Western Desert Air Force

    24 June 1942
    HALPRO B-24s carry out a night time raid on Benghazi Harbour.

  • RAF Western Desert Air Force

    27 June 1942
    HALPRO B-24 Liberators conduct a night-time raid on the harbor at Tobruk to disrupt supplies.

  • Middle East Air Force

    2 July 1942
    Heavy bombers conduct a night time raid on Tobruk Harbour.

  • Middle East Air Force

    8 July 1942

  • Middle East Air Force

    13 July 1942
    B-24 Liberators attack shipping and the harbor at Benghazi, losing one aircraft to flak. B-17 Flying Fortresses carry out a night-raid against Tobruk.

Associated Place

  • Fayid

    Military site : airfield


Event Location Date
Born 28 October 1917
Enlisted 7 October 1941

Place of enlistment New York City, NY.

Died 13 July 1942

Shot down on mission over Benghazi, Libya. KIA


Date Contributor Update
05 September 2020 13:18:43 decwriter Changes to awards

NARA files verified participation in Air Combat and Egypt-Libya campaign phase for EAME Campaign Medal.

Date Contributor Update
05 July 2020 12:28:25 decwriter Changes to unit associations

Died before 20 Jul 1942 when Halverson Detachment became 1st Provisional Group.

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05 July 2020 01:14:21 decwriter Created entry with surname, middlename, firstname, nationality, service number, highest rank, role, events, unit associations, place associations and mission associations

NARA file verified ASN upon entry and entry date. Officer number used while serving with HALPRO Detachment and with 1st Provisional Group are from General Orders awarding the Silver Star to Lt. Anderson after his death. Correspondence and change to officer number provided in IDPF to family to reflect 0-388723. B-24 was not in aircraft to be selected, but was HALPRO #7 B-24D #41-11600 "Eager Beaver."