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Bernard R Gold


My Dad was not unlike many kids who grew up in the 1930's during and after the depression. At the time, Rockland County, NY, was populated with many of the immigrant families that came from Europe after WWI -- the schools were small by today's scale and most people earned their living by physically working hard and they were grateful to be in the US. In the face of movements rising in Europe at the time, they were also grateful for the democratic principles of government in the US. Plus, as now, many of the boys were in admiration of their fathers who fought in WWI. So it was "the norm" to want to sign up and defend America once we finally committed to WWII after Pearl Harbor. My parents were in high school and upon graduation, Dad signed up for the Army Air Corp and they married before he left for Texas to train. During that time, my mother worked in the architects' office for a ship building company in Mobile, Alabama. I was 2 1/2 before I met my father for the first time. He came back with only a broken hand but I suspect was never the same. I think what he saw was too much of a shock to a naive kid of 19. He never spoke about it so I have no more details of his missions or medals but I believe he received the Air Medal and one other. He and my mother had four children and he went to college on the GI Bill, earned a Master's Degree and became a fifth grade teacher in Napa, California, who was greatly looked up to by his students. Due to a dispute with his father, he later changed his name to Richard Ericson. He retired, lived a quiet life, enjoying family, and died in his mid-80's due to heart problems. As with many vets he was a smoker. And, also as with many who have seen war, he did not show emotion but was highly principled, was firm in his beliefs and would always help someone, no matter what. My mother is now 97 and all his children succeeded and are well. I hope that the future world can solve problems without wars that affect families for generations after service.



  • 42-100770 'Little Jo'

    C-47 Skytrain
    Belonged to the 89th Troop Carrier Squadron of the 438th Troop Carriers Group that was at the start of the D-Day invasion, dropping the 101st Airborne at Drop Zone A near St. Mere-Eglise. Later took part in the Southern France invasion and Operation...


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Lived in Rockland County, NY,


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This Collection was submitted by myself, Bernard Gold's oldest child, from his original WWII album. I believe he was the photographer. My mother created the album.
Sandra Ericson, 2019.

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Information supplied by Sandra Ericson, Daughter of Bernard R. Gold.