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Keith Karl Compton


Keith Karl Compton (December 9, 1915 – June 15, 2004) was an American Air Force Lieutenant General who was Vice Commander in Chief, Strategic Air Command. He flew as Command Pilot with Gen. Uzal Ent on Operation Tidal Wave in the B-24D, 'Teggie Ann' over the Ploesti oil refineries, August 1, 1943.

In North Africa, Col. Keith Compton had been the commander of the 409th Bombing Squadron, then operations officer for the 93rd Bomb Group in 1942. In 1943 he became commander of the 376th Bomb Group and led the Ploesti Raid with General Uzal Ent. He, then, served as Assistant to the Air Chief of Staff for Operations, 15th AAF in North Africa in March, 1944 and returned to the U.S. in July, 1944 as Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Training, 2nd AAF, Colorado Springs, CO. His career as SAC's Chief of Staff, then AF Operations Deputy sitting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the Chief of Staff, US Air Force. Then, he was Vice Commander in Chief, SAC.

Although Compton was the element leader of both the 93rd Bomb Group and the 376th Bomb Group for the critically important Ploesti mission, he was ordered by Mission Commander General Uzal Ent to turn east toward Bucharest at his first IP instead of continuing north toward Ploesti. He refused to turn back north, even after radio calls from following aircraft that he had made a wrong turn and a warning from his own navigator on the interphone, and continued east toward Bucharest, finally turning northeast as he flew around Ploesti and did not attack, finally dropping his bombs harmlessly over the hills northwest of the Ploesti refineries. Several pilots from both the 93rd and the 376th Bomb Groups, after getting over their shock at what they were seeing, turned north on their own in order to attack targets of opportunity at Ploesti. A number of them were shot down and killed flying over the concentrated flak guns south of the refinery area, including, Col. Addison Baker, Major John Palm, and others, who were determined to bomb targets of opportunity, rather than fail to carry out their mission, even though it had already been compromised by events beyond their control, including their Mission Commander and their Element Commander's failure to carry out their attack orders.



  • Norman Appold

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  • Uzal Ent

    Military | Major General | Commanding General | 376th Bomb Group
    Uzal Girard Ent was an American Army Air Force officer who served as the commander of the 9th Air Force and subsequently the 2nd Air Force during World War II. He flew as mission commander on the Aug 1, 1943, Ploesti oil refinery raid...

  • Donaldson Hurd

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Units served with

  • 9th Air Force
  • 376th Bomb Group

    376th Bomb Group

    Constituted as 376th Bombardment Group (Heavy) on 19 Oct 1942 and activated in Palestine on 31 Oct. Began combat immediately, using B-24 aircraft. Operated with Ninth AF from bases in the Middle East, Nov 1942-Sep 1943, and with Twelfth AF from Tunisia...

  • 409th Bomb Group
  • 93rd Bomb Group

    93rd Bomb Group

    93rd Bombardment Group (Heavy) was activated 1-March-1942 at Barksdale Field, Louisiana. On 15-May-1942 the Group moved to Ft. Myers, Florida to continue advanced flight training and also to fly anti-submarine patrols over the Gulf of Mexico; they...



  • Operation Tidal Wave

    1 August 1943
    Operation TIDAL WAVE. B24D Liberators attack the oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania. The bombers flew low to avoid radar detection and dropped time delayed bombs. Out of the 177 B-24s that took part in the raid 167 managed to attack their targets. 57 B...

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Event Location Date
Born Saint Joseph, MO, USA 9 December 1915

1915 in St. Joseph, Missouri, USA.

Promoted February 1953

Vice Commander in Chief, Strategic Air Command, Feb 1953.

Retired 1 August 1969

retired August 1, 1969.

Died San Antonio, TX, USA 15 June 2004

June 15, 2004, San Antonio, Texas, USA.


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NARA files verified DSC for 1 August 1943 Ploesti low level mission, LOM w/1 oak leaf cluster, DFC w/1 oak leaf cluster. His file for the AM accounts for the initial Air Medal and 4 oak leaf clusters in World War II. His first Legion of Merit was issued during World War II and the 1st oak leaf cluster was issued in 1957. He wears the Army Distinguished Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal and the Air Force Commendation Medal in his official biography photo as well. Of note, in his official photo, he does not wear campaign stars on the EAME Campaign Medal, so the campaigns are unknown without further research. He retired on 1 August 1969 as a Lieutenant General.

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Sources ---- Anatomy Of A Disaster - Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg ---- Black Sunday - Michael Hill ---- Into the Fire - Duane Schultz

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Sources ---- Anatomy Of A Disaster - Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg ---- Black Sunday - Michael Hill ---- Into the Fire - Duane Schultz

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