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Albert L Nix


WIA on mission to Brunswick, Germany on 8 May 1944



  • Paul Kingsley

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 458th Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA) on mission to Brunswick, Germany. Plane crashed shortly after takeoff.

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Units served with

  • 458th Bomb Group

    458th Bomb Group

    The 458th Bomb Group (H) entered combat with the 8th Air Force in February 1944. Based at Horsham St. Faith in England, the combat crews participated in the decisive Campaigns 'Big Week', 'Big B', D-Day and the assault on Germany's oil industry waged...

  • 754th Bomb Squadron


Associated Place

  • Horsham St Faith

    Military site : airfield
    Horsham St Faith was an RAF Bomber Command Station opened in June 1940. It was home to Bristol Blenheim medium-bombers, and was for a time occupied by fighters, including those of No. 19 Squadron and No. 264 Squadron. From September 1942 the airfield...


Event Location Date
Born Montana, USA 6 September 1911
Lived in Wibaux County, MT, USA 1942
Enlisted Missoula, MT, USA 20 March 1942
2nd combat mission Brunswick, Germany 8 April 1944

Second mission today Brunswick. Flak thicker than hair on a dog’s back. One hole in ship. Just missed navigator. Flew with Crew 74. Dropped 3/4 of bombs on target. Lots of ships went down. Appeared to be mostly enemy aircraft. Saw 4 for sure go down in flames. Sure good to get back on the ground. She was a rough one. 7-1/2 hours in the air. P-38’s, P-47’s and P-51 escort. Didn’t see the effect of our bombing, but saw large fires caused by other group bombing on S.E. corner of Brunswick. They say we hit the target OK. I think we were lucky to get back. Flew with Lt. Vogel, ship 404.

3rd combat mission Lechfeld, 86836 Graben, Germany 13 April 1944

3rd mission completed today. Went almost to Switzerland to get Leitschfield [sic] ME110 factory. Very good fighter support. Saw some flak from tail position, which I flew, but one piece knocked a hole in nose turret big as a shoebox. No one hurt. Trip was long. Took off about 10:40 AM and got back about 5:30 PM. Two more to go and I will be eligible for the Air Medal. Covered a lot of Europe today, but didn’t get nearly as scared as on the Brunswick raid. Flew with Lt. Stilson, ship 404.

7th combat misson Hamm, Germany 27 April 1944

Completed 7th mission today. Took off about 4:45 PM and landed about 10:45 PM. Bombed railway yards at Hamm, Germany. Several flak holes in ship. Some wood splinters hit me in the face, but they were so fine they didn’t cut. Worst part of mission was return over England. English flak downed one of our ships that I saw. Seemed like English fighters shot at us, but they say it was Germans who followed us back. Flew with my own crew this time and believe my prayers were answered another trip. It’s time to get some sleep. Wish I didn’t get so scared, but I do. Flew with Kingsley, ship 305.

11th combat mission Osnabrück, Germany 7 May 1944

Completed 11th mission today. Went to Osnabruck to bomb city. Left at 6:45 AM and returned at 11:45 AM. Saw considerable flak, but it was inaccurate. Probably due to cloud cover. #1 engine gave out and #2 and #4 engines were detonating and throwing oil. Looked like we’d have to come in on one engine and the “Put-Put”. Dropped behind the formation and P-51’s escorted us home. They looked beautiful. Came right in and flew formation with us for a while. It takes six missions now to get a cluster for the Air Medal. Should be getting mine soon.

Crashed/Injured Frettenham, Norwich, Norfolk NR12, UK 8 May 1944

Took off about 6:00 AM. Crashed about 2 miles from base. Hit a tree. Don’t remember anything until I woke up and heard sound of burning wood. Tried to move, but right foot pinned under an engine. 12 500lb bombs out there in the fire. Two Britains [sic] pushed engine off my foot and dragged me out. Back gave out and me too. Don’t remember any more except Cassidy was at ambulance. - excerpt from Albert Nix Diary

Evacuated to the U.S. Glasgow, Glasgow City, UK 2 June 1944

Making trip to States in C-54. Taking Northern Route. Sure is one big ship. In the compartment where we litter cases are it is big enuf to put in at least 3 John Deere Tractors. Left England about 9:30 AM. Laid on stretcher on floor so I couldn’t see anything.

Died Wibaux, MT 59353, USA 22 January 1998
Buried Wibaux, Montana, USA 25 January 1998

Wibaux County Cemetery
Plot: Sect. 36, Row 1


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Drawn from the records of the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, Savannah, Georgia / Unit history & Page 366 in the book 2ND AIR DIVISIONby Turner Publishing Company, 1998 edition (D790.A2S45) &, Kingsley  crew, crew member list & picture included