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Joseph J Isoardi


Joseph J. Isoardi was my grandfather. I only knew him for 6 years of my life, but he was amazing. A life long goof-ball, his cap is always tilted to the side in his service pictures. He went on to father 4 daughters and 8 grandchildren.



  • William Condon

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 351st Bomb Group
    Shot down 28 May 1944 in B-17 42-31757. Killed in Action (KIA). MACR 5333 Awards: PH

  • Paul Fennell

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Gunner | 351st Bomb Group
    Killed in a noncombat flight. mid-air collision May 7, 1943 in B-17 42-29865.

  • Robert Gunster

    Military | Second Lieutenant | 351st Bomb Group

  • Lawrence Jones

    Military | Staff Sergeant | 351st Bomb Group

  • Frank Petrucci

    Military | Technical Sergeant | 351st Bomb Group

  • Samuel Silver

    Military | Staff Sergeant | 351st Bomb Group

  • William Whitten

    Military | Second Lieutenant | 351st Bomb Group

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Units served with

  • 351st Bomb Group

    351st Bomb Group

    The 351st Bomb Group flew strategic bombing missions from their base at Polebrook, Northamptonshire from April 1943 to June 1945. The Group's most famous member was Hollywood actor Clark Gable, who flew four/ five missions with them as an observer...

  • 508th Bomb Squadron


  • 42-97325 Lucky Penny

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Available: 18 February 1944 - Boeing Aircraft Co, Seattle, Washington ...

  • 42-102470

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 11/3/44; Gr Island 1/4/44; Grenier 6/4/44; Assigned 508BS/351BG [YB-J] Polebrook 29/4/44; Missing in Action {9m} Ludwigshafen 27/5/44 with Gosta Johnson, Co-pilot: Herb Neumann, Navigator: Bob Schmidt, Flight engineer/top turret...

  • 42-102971

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 24/4/44; Hunter 4/5/44; Grenier 19/5/44; Assigned 508BS/351BG [YB-J] Polebrook 29/5/44; Missing in Action {26m} Brandenburg 6/8/44 with Paul Pattison, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Clyde Bullock, Radio Operator: Winfred Wiemer,...

  • 42-31757 'Round Trip'

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 11/12/43; Gr Island 21/12/43; Assigned 508BS/351BG [YB-G] Polebrook 25/2/44; 23m Missing in Action Dessau 28/5/44 with Bill Condon, Co-pilot: Joe Kolceski, Navigator: Laddie Zindar, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Junny Jackson,...

  • 42-31879

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Denver 24/12/43; Gt Falls 29/12/43; Kearney 13/1/44; Assigned 508BS/351BG [YB-Q] Polebrook 22/2/44; {55m}, landing accident at base; Salvaged 2 SAD Lt Staughton 4/10/44; Returned to the USA 9/44. THE SHARK.

  • 42-37727

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Denver 11/8/43; Scott 16/9/43; Assigned 303BG Molesworth 10/10/43; 1 BAD 23/10/43; transferred 545BS/384BG [JD-Z] Grafton Underwood 2/11/43; Missing in Action Brunswick 30/1/44 with Comus Penney, Bombardier: Harvey Pinger, Radio Operator:...

  • 42-38028

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 18/11/43; Romulus 9/12/43; Presque Is 11/12/43; Assigned 510BS/351BG [TU-Q] Polebrook 1/1/44; Navigator: David Van Der Walle, Bombardier: John Jonaitis (2 Killed in Action) 22/2/44; Missing in Action {37m} Munich 12/7/44 with Sam...

  • 42-38146

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Denver 27/12/43; Gr Island 6/1/44; Assigned 598BS/351BG [YB-D] Polebrook 29/2/44; Missing in Action 37m Merseburg 29/7/44 with John Morton, Co-pilot: Warren Bragdon, Navigator: Bill Fuerth, Bombardier: McCaleb Taylor, Flight engineer/top...

  • 42-38153

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 29/12/43; Long Beach 2/1/44; Grenier 4/2/44; Assigned 511BS/351BG [DS-F] Polebrook 25/2/44; Missing in Action {50m} Hamm 19/9/44 with Ray Butler, Co-pilot: Chas Kern, Navigator: George Dyer, Bombardier: Jesse Green, Flight engineer...

  • 42-39835 'Wantta Spar'

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Long Beach 14/9/43; Scott 21/10/43; Assigned 401BG Deenethorpe 26/10/43; transferred 510BS/351BG [TU-N] Polebrook 18/11/43; to 1 Base Air Depot, Burtonwood 8/6/44; Aphrodite/Azon Project Knettishall 7/44; 16m Missing in Action Siracourt 4/8...

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Associated Place

  • Polebrook

    Military site : airfield
    Polebrook was laid down for RAF Bomber Command use in 1940-1941. Built by George Wimpey and Co. Ltd, it had short runways which were lengthened for USAAF heavy bomber use. The RAF used the base for operational trials - including of B-17 Flying...


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This is my grandfather. Service records, crew mates and awards information obtained from my mother and aunts.

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Drawn from the records of the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, Savannah, Georgia /