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  1. Stars and Stripes News Paper UPL 31278

    JERAVAD "Une Petite Peu" "Mister" (Dog) and Harold Rogers

  2. Sherman Family UPL 31277

    JERAVAD "Une Petite Peu"...

  3. Sherman Family UPL 31275

    2ndLt Fred P. Sherman 1942

  4. UPL 31269

    Lt. Rex E Moncrieff and ground crew of North American P-51 Mustang 'That's All Brother' beside the plane of the 20th Fighter Group In England.

  5. UPL 31268

    Theodore Luke Rykiel

  6. SSgt Samuel S. Saporito, US Army Air Corps (USAAC) UPL 31250

    The Banshee Crew. My grandfather is on the second row, all the way to the right, waist gunner and the shortest member of the crew (hence his...

  7. UPL 31261

    SSgt. Arthur D. Schreck

  8. Phillips Family Collection UPL 31260

    Etreville Church, Etreville, France. Place of original burial.

  9. Phillips Family Collection UPL 31258

    George Wesley Phillips, Burns Air Force Base, Oregon, Oct. 1943.

  10. Phillips Family Collection UPL 31259

    George Wesley Phillips

  11. Phiilips Family Collection UPL 31255

    George Wesley Phillips, Columbia, SC, Oct. 1943.

  12. Verona Family Collection UPL 31240

    Black Magic March 23, 1944

  13. Verona Family Collection UPL 31243

    Henry Wallace Murdock

  14. Verona Family Collection UPL 31245

    John James Verona, Jr.

  15. SSgt Samuel S. Saporito, US Army Air Corps (USAAC) UPL 31242

    My Grandparents Samuel S. and Faye Saporito, 1945

  16. Louis M McAdory UPL 31139

    Lt McAdory sitting in the cockpit of his assigned P-51D, SX-E, The Lord is my Shepherd....

  17. Document 31228

    Transcript of Newspaper Article Dated 9th Dec 2017. Mrs Margaret Ginolfi is Francis Godfrey's elder sister.

  18. UPL 31239

    "Lt. Brown and crew pose beside Boeing B-17 'Carol Dawn' at an 8th Air Force Base in England. 8 April 1944."...

  19. Robert Bishop UPL 31238

    Bob copied a drawing from a Stalag Luft III hut and sent it to his girlfriend. Walt Disney personally presented the original to his grandmother....

  20. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1270

    Engineers work to complete the runway, in time for the first B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number 42-3123) nicknamed "Ron Chee" of the 96th Bomb...

  21. UPL 31236

    Stuffed bear that Warren Callahan carried on his missions as part of the Westrope crew in the 708th squadron, 447th Bomb Group

  22. Louis M McAdory UPL 31235

    SX-E, The Lord is my Shepherd.

  23. Louis M McAdory Document 31234

    Confirmation of victory credits. My father was credited with one ME-109 damaged on the ground.

  24. Louis M McAdory UPL 31233

    Mission Ready.

  25. Louis M McAdory UPL 31232

    Biking around Raydon.

  26. Louis M McAdory UPL 31231

    Sitting on his assigned P-51D, The Lord is my Shepherd

  27. UPL 31230

    F J Boyer

  28. UPL 31229

    Capt Thomas J J Christian Jr at Solomon Islands, receiving his Silver Star award Dec-42.

  29. UPL 31227

    "Colonel Thomas J J Christian, Jr., Sulphur Springs, Texas, Commanding Officer of a North American P-51 Fighter Group, escorting bombers over...

  30. UPL 31226

    "Air force formations snapped while escorting bombers of the 8th Air force to or from raids on Nazi territory. Whilst not employed in combat this...

  31. UPL 31225

    Lt. Paul C Holter Jr. 374th Fighter Squadron. P-51B 42-106942 B7-H. This a/c was also assigned to 1Lt. Clarence E "Bud" Zieske. Bud was due to name...

  32. UPL 31224

    Major Shannon Christian and his brother pose by the nose of Republic P-47D 42-76103 "Cookie II" 351st Fighter Squadron, 353rd Fighter Group, ...

  33. UPL 31223

    Major Shannon Christian P-47 pilot 351FS, 353FG, 8AF.

  34. UPL 31222

    Lt Col. Shannon Christian. Headquarters Unit. P-47D 42-8395 YJ-S "Cookie".

  35. UPL 31220

    Capt. Fred J "Chris" Christensen Jr. [ Watertown, Mass.] 62nd Fighter Squadron. P-47D 42-75207 LM-C "Boche Buster" / "Rozzie Geth".