New treasures

By Jenny on 08/09/2011

The AAM team left their trusty home behind to seek new treasures from the collections store.

Over the years since the American Air Museum opened in 1997, former American airmen and their families have occasionally gifted their mementoes to the museum. Currently, there is not much space to display small objects, but this is one of the things that we hope to remedy through our project, so that more individual stories can be told with these personal objects.

It was therefore with some trepidation yesterday that the project team ducked beneath the newly-disturbed spiders angrily jiggling above the cobwebbed doorway of Duxford's American collections store. We had come to see what treasures might wait within, tissue-wrapped and neatly-boxed.

We were not disappointed. Among the most captivating were some burnt fragments of parachute silk and cord, carefully-preserved by the crewman who bailed out successfully over France. Sadly, 6 of his fellows did not make it safely and among the collection he left to us were photos of their graves. We hope to research these, and collect others in the coming months. If you have a story, please contact us (Ed: or add it to the AAM website).